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RSA support with Enterprisevault

Hi All, I wanted to know the compatibility of RSA authentication with Enterprise Vault and are there any risks are associated with implementing RSA with Enterprise Vault.    Regards, Carl

Resolved! Moving Index Locations within the same EV Server

Hi, Working on EV 10.0.4 in a Microsoft Clustered Environment. Due Drive Space issues, have to move the Index Locations from one drive to another on the same EV Server. Found 000064705 <>, where in we have two ...

Resolved! Migration target disk space issue

Hi All, Due to some emergency and space consideration issue we had migrated some data from EV primary partition to a secondary partition(NTFS to NTFS) in the past. (Used collect and migrate) Now we are facing an issue that the disk holding the migr...

ASG_IT1 by Level 3
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Single user restore issue

Hello, I'm fairly new to Enterprise Vault (I have changed companies and now I'm the responsblie for EV). So my issue is when a single user clicks and tries to open an archived item in his outlook he gets the following error message: What I have ...

Davey7 by Level 3
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Resolved! Exporting all Archived items for a given time period

Hello, We are planning to utilise a DLP related tool to scour our archives for previous data losses. Is it possible in EV to export say, all emails organisation wide for the last month, and if so what format(s) can they be exported in? Regards Jam...

Archive Sent Items Weekly

Hello all,   I am new on Symantec Enterprise Vault and recently i received a request to archive sent items of a shared mailbox weekly or even daily. I looked on EV but cant find these kind of settings so my question is, is it possible to do this a...

EV11 - Monitor EV Databases with SCOM 2012

Hi,   our EV databases are stored on a central DB Server, not locally on the EV Server. Please tell me which permissions the EnterpriseVault Monitorng account requires to get the information from the DB Server. Presently I get the followin alert:...

RubenIO by Not applicable
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Resolved! Retetion Cathegory pero IMAP folder?

Hello, We need to archive Office 365 emails for retention purposes BUT we need every user to decide which mails to archive by dragging and droping them to a folder (EV has to be on premise). We were able to accomplish this by configuring EV IMAP fe...

EV Syncronization failed

Hi, Can someone please help me to resolve the below issues  2 users  in my environment they are getting Syncronization failed(Vault cache syncronization please find screen attached with this post). Could you please let me know how to proceed to res...

Problems enterprise vault - archivied mails not opened

Hi all, it's some day since i have problems with outlook clients, i cannot open an archived mail from outlook, there is a message: "error during loading object... some functions cloud not be available" and if i click " web server is available but is...

gatsu84 by Level 3
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messages missing for specific user exchange mailbox

EV 10.0.4, Exchange 2010 sp3 environment; user moved mailbox folder to different location/subfolder, archived messages in that folder subsequently missing unavailable next day [after archiving process run]; attempted to move folder back to original l...

takamme by Level 2
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OWA 2010 and 2013 coexistence

Hi, We are migrating from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013. We use Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 Cumulative Hotfix 2 to archive Exchange 2010 mailboxes. All our clients from internal and external access use OWA. Using Internet Explorer we navigate to CAS ...

Timotey by Not applicable
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Resolved! EV11 Storage service unreachable.

Hi all,   I have a question that maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I have three EV servers and they sit on a Windows 2012 x64 behind windows firewall. I have a powershell script setup to set EV into backup mode, Tested and is w...

nwalsh by Level 4
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