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Change the Shortcut URL for split DNS

We have a default installed EV environment in a testenvironment with a fqdn of ev.testlab.local and an allias evserver.testlab.local. We have EV11 with Exchange 2013 and want to deploy the EV mail app in Exchange 2013 WebApp. According the manual i...

Marcelvk by Level 3
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Rebuild EV environment due to corruption / inconsistency

A customer wants a complete rebuild of his EV environment. Due, lots of upgrades.scripts, corruption and inconstency, the customer wants to build a new EV environment in the same domain. - 1 Domain - Old EV server 10 - New EV server will be 11 -...

Marcelvk by Level 3
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Resolved! unable to install Enterprise Vault Office MailApp

I want to install the Enterprise Vault Office MailApp on Exchange 2013 But somewhere i am doing something wrong. background details: EVserver FQDN: ev.testlab.local EV alias: Available SSL cert * I have added a wil...

Marcelvk by Level 3
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Resolved! Archiving huge mailbox

Hi EV Experts We have a mailbox archive that has grown to 55GB in three months. What is the best way to manage this mailbox?What is the optimum max size for an archive?  EV 11.0.0, Exchange 2010 SP3 Thanks in advance.

Remove Another Users Mailbox from Archive Explorer

I have several mailboxes in my Archive Explorer that dont belong to me. These mailboxes, at one point in time I did have full access to but the access is now removed. How can I get these mailboxes out of my Archives explorer? Windows 7 EV10. 

Resolved! Does export to mailbox wizard change modified date?

Does the export to mailbox wizard change the modified date? Because of difficulties (possibly network, possibly exchange, possibly AD) we are doing a clean install of EV11 rather than upgrading EV10. We only have a few mailboxes being archived. We ...

Disk Utilization High on SAN.

Hello, SAN storage utilization is reported very high at specific time when the Exchange mailbox provisioning task runs. There are many events 3197 in the Symantec enterprise logs. Any specifc events/parameters to be checked on the server to find the...

EV 11 Sizing Tool

Hi All, Could you please share me the link where I would be able to download EV 11 Sizing Tool. Regards, Manu Madhavan

Index voumes

We have EV 10 with six open index volumes One of the index volumes where data is writing currently is reached almost 90%, I would need assistance in closing filled drive, Can I just close the filled index so that the indexes will start writing to t...

Cannot install Enterprice Vault Client on Mac OS X

Hi, I had working Vault installation, which was broken when I upgraded to Mac OS X Yosemite. So installed new 2015 Offise suite (including new Outlook (15.18 160109). Then tried to install Enterprice Vault from disk image SymantecEnterpriseVaultClie...

nyholku by Level 2
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enterprise vault policy manager script - help

Hi all, Im looking for some help of even if it is posible, im currently testing out EVPM script in migrating pst data to EV11. I did a test yesterday which worked but it had to check exchange server before importing the pst data to the archived acc...

nwalsh by Level 4
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ObjectID vs filename

  Need a SQL query to find out original filenames from objectid in AutidTrail We have view and FSA Auditing Enabled. It has the folder info in the AuditTrail table. Can we find original (not archived) filenames and folders for objectid ? Audit Tra...

abogothy by Not applicable
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Index service stops after starting

Hi Anyone else experienced this message while trying to start the stopped Indexing service: "The Enterprise Vault Indexing Service service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other ...

Sani_B by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Enterprise Vault - Mail Archiving Stopping Early

Hello, I have a  customer who appears to be having only a subset of his user's mail archived. From the highlighted sections below: The task is set to run automatically at 3pm on Saturdays and run through to 00:00 Monday morning. Any ideas what...

Resolved! Convert to https

I need to mofify an existing EV envrinment from http to https. If I do I know I'm breaking all existing shortcuts. How can I mitigate this? Can I accomodate the old http and new https shortcuts? Maybe I can create a redirection web page? The reason ...

Scott__Hastings by Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Event ID : 41544 for Enterprise Vault SMTP Archiving

We have deployed Veritas Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 CHF4 SMTP Journal Environment. Exchange Version: Exchange 2013 CU3 Below Event ID appears in event viewer every 15mins for one of the EV Journal Servers. Event ID:41544 SMTP Archiving Task Unable t...