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EV Client inactive or disable

Hi all, As we deployed evclient(version 11) through the SSCM on outlook 2007/10/13 versions (x86 & x64). And as per the  requirement we are started the mailbox enbaling. But as we observe most the client shows in an inactive or disabled mode. So we ...

Adama_T by Level 3
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Resolved! EV11 CHF3 Outlook Add-in + EV Server 9.0.4

Folks, I have reviewed the compatability charts - And while the official statement is that using the Version 11 Outlook Add-in with a version 9 server is "unsupported" - upon personal review of this, it appears to work fine. We're currently at serv...

Throttling In Exchange 2013

EV 10.0.4 HF3 Mixed environment Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 OS: windows server 2012 enterprise R2   I'm trying to move journaling over to new Exchange2013 databases/journaling mailboxes running on dedicated servers. Whenever I make the journa...

EVKydd by Level 4
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Resolved! Exchange Retention plc and Archived Stubs

Hello,   I am looking for some help on a question that i have been asked.   We currently have an exchange 207 envoirment and we are currently testing out Enterprise Vault 11.   My question is.. if you have a mailbox that is older than one year....

nwalsh by Level 4
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Resolved! DR testing on EV11 on Vmware

Hi All,   I would say that this question has come up before but i had not come across the fourms on a answer. So id ask.   I currenly have a test envoirment setup for EV11. I have a production site and a DR site both site site on Vmware.   My q...

nwalsh by Level 4
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Error pruning sharepoint versions (HTTP-status 401)

Hi, we use sharepoint archiving. On some files, we got the following error: "HTTP-STATUS 401: Unauthorized. Error pruning file version" I don´t know what this failure means. When i try to access on of the affected files directly in sharepoint w...

Resolved! CH3 Installation

Hi All, Having a strange issue when installing EV 11.0.1 CH3. It states that the hotfix is not compatable with EV but I have installed CH2. Any ideas why this is happening?    

Rdosramos by Level 5
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SIS in Multiple Enterprise Vault servers

Hi everyone,   I would be greatful if you guys shed some light here.. I have two servers that I need to deploy EV for 3000 users and also around 100 users journaling. I am planning to split the load on both servers as follows: Server 1 - Archivin...

KVS by Level 3
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Creating EVPM retention folders?

Does anyone have a good system for creating ini files to create EVPM folders? For example, say you get a list of 500 users that need retention folders but all you have is their first and last name. It's a pain for format them into an LDAP query usin...

VersEV1 by Level 4
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Resolved! Auditing Retention Folders

What are some ways that people audit retention folders? If you don't keep the ini files, and don't put any special characters or have a naming convention for retention folders, how to you go about finding who has them?

VersEV1 by Level 4
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Enterprise Vault

Hi Team, We are  in the process of upgrading Indexing from 32 bit – 64 bit for Journaling environment. We are using EV version 10.0.4. We have around 16 K Archive which needs the upgrade.  Please let me know if  there is any documentation for best p...

Resolved! 11.0.1 CHF4 release date?

Hello, does anybody know release date estimate for 11.0.1 CHF4? (a customer wants to have Outlook 2016/Windows10 support). regards Michal

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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Resolved! EV10.4 integration with EMC VNX Nas share

Hi Guys   I was looking for some guidance or assistance regarding issues we have been having getting our EMC VNX5800 nas integrating with EV 10.4 FSA. We are moving away from Windows file servers, and looking to move our company files to a NAS cifs...

nickt2 by Level 4
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Resolved! Delete only shortcut policy - settings review

Hi all, forgive me asking this here but my lab is broken  I need to configure EV to allow shortcut deletion by users, but to prevent the archived item from being deleted:   My settings are: Desktop policy: Options, Delete from Vault enabled, with...

Rem_y by Level 4
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EV Journal Archiving Task Not Clearing all Messages

Hello, I have two customers, one with EV 8.0.1 and one with EV 11.0.1. At both custoers the Journal Archiving task is chugging along but in both cases there are thousands of times that are not being cleared from the journal mailbox. I have run a t...

Resolved! EVAULT - Moving mailboxes to vault

Hello, I'm moving mailboxes to vault... by groups. How can i know if the process is finished? or better... the percent running??? Thank you.   Enterprise Vault 10.0

Resolved! Restore from Exchange 2013

Hello all, We're in the progress of moving mailboxes to Exchange 2013 from Exchange 2010. The Exchange 2013 servers are not defined in Enterprise Vault. A user whose mailbox is moved to 2013 is able to open shortcuts by doubleclicking, using the n...

GertjanA by Moderator
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