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Resolved! Move a single FSA archive to another vault store

Hi, i thougt it´s a simple thing - but i didn´t find out how to do the following: How can i move a single file archive / archive point to another vault store. We have opened another vault store on the the same ev server to fullfill some customer re...

Jakob by Level 5
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Resolved! How to restore the archived items from EV to 365 mailbox

Hi everybody, Customer wants to move some users from Exchange 2010 to Office 365 and those users's mailboxes are also archieved in EV ( 11 CHF3). How those moved Office 365 users can restore their archived items from EV to Office 365 ? Thank you,

hbozan by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! VSA and Domain Admins (Event ID 3410)

Hi, I'm getting Event ID 3410 on my EV11.0.1 HF2 server. The task failed to log on to the Exchange Server. The task is running as a Windows user that is a member of the 'domain admins' group. Remove the user from this group to ensure that the task...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Deleting specific files from File Vault Store

Hey EV Gurus, Quick question on deleting files from EV: We are running some reports on the files in our environment to identify files that need to be deleted from the system, we are not configured to delete expired items automatically, and some of ...

vanadasd by Level 4
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New vault search in EV11 opens all emails in IE.

We've upgraded some test users (IT only thankfully) and our EV 11.0.1 Enterprise vault search (the new one) gives a very nice web view of the archive. however opening any mail causes this to open IE and do the 'download file' operation. This we clear...

Resolved! mobile search enterprise vault 11.0.1 fails to login.

Event log fills up with the below on every authentication attempt. Symantec support has been worse than useless (3 or so weeks before the guy even successful calls).    very frustrating because the install is so basic on a proxy server, the only th...

Resolved! Old user

We had a user who left the business and the account was deleted, recently another user with the same name joined the business and the account was created with exactly the same username. The issue i have is EV can't see this account, as the username a...

Jun1or by Level 5
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Resolved! Creating a new Desktop Policy

I am trying to test some new settings in a "Test Desktop Policy" assigned to just my account for changing the shortcut deletion behaviour. However it appears that the settings are not switching for me, even after the account syncronization is perform...

btrowdy by Level 3
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Resolved! Items stuck in the R2 queue

We have migrated our Exchange system from 2007 to 2013. I forgot to remove the MSMQ's for the 2007 environment. I have noticed reccently that there are a few items shown up in the old R2 queue. Can I safely delete these before removing the queues.

Restore contents from the vault

Hi Everyone, I am struggling to get this working.  We used to use EV 8 (well before my time) and used it for File share archiving.  Now the original file server is long gone and has been moved elsewhere, so the references EV had to that server were ...

tp500 by Level 3
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Migrating Vault Stores from Centera to Isilon OneFS 7.2

Hi, We have a project that is coming up where we need to migrate FSA and PUBLIC folders from Centera to Isilon OneFS 7.2 We will be using the (Move Archive) to move the mails and journals across to the new vault stores on Isilon, But what we ne...

Crow by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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Exchange 2013 EV11.0.1CHF3

Hello, I'm facing a Problem with EV 11.01 and Exchange 2013. Everytime when i start the Mailbox Archiving Task on the EV Server I'll get the Event ID 7206. A locking error has occurred in CEVMAPILieModeLock : 0x102   Internal reference: STWL W...

tpuck by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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EV Archive / Search in OWA through Sophos UTM

We recently migrated from TMG Firewall to Sophos UTM and I cannot figure out how to get archive explorer and evault search to work in OWA for external users with the Sophos. There were some very specific guidelines provided for the TMG from Symantec/...

EV11 base - SQL frag VAC alert - 41561 - 30%

Evening all, I'm doing some research into an EV 11 base VAC alert - 41561 - regards SQL fragmentation indicating fragmentation of 30% EV performance isn't being flagged as poor (or even questioned), and the DBA responsible believes the databases ar...

Rem_y by Level 4
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