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Enterprise Vault 11 SCOM Management Pack

Hi, Having just installed the EV11 SCOM MP I am now configuring the rules and monitors. Rather than the defaults, which IMO are way too 'noisy', I'm trying to come up with a core set of monitors which I will set to email to let me know when somethin...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Measuring throughput of Storage Expiry

Hi, reading through before we embark on a reduction on our site policy for expiry of items, and i wondered if there was a way to measure the number of items processed/rem...

wibski by Level 2
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ADFS with EV SHA and DA client

Hi, I want to setup ADFS between two domain Active Directory domain. Client A enviroment:  Exchange server (SMTP Journal Archive), AD (user object and exchange object), Sharepoint farms, DA clients Client B enviroment (hosting EV services): Diff...

Enterprise Vault 8 Server Consolidation

Hi,  I have a few EV8 (MS Failover) clusters running Enterprise Vault 8 in active / passive configuration using shared storage (cluster shared volumes). It was previously connected to an Exchange environment which has now been decommissioned. The co...

j_m1 by Not applicable
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Outlook upgrade on EV Server

Hi, I'm currently archive from Exchange 2007 using Outlook 2003 on the EV server. All works fine, but im about to start archiving from a 2013 CU8 server, so need to upgrade my Outlook version. From what i've read Outlook 2007 SP3 (with kb2596598 ins...

Dowley by Level 3
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EV11 - indexing running behind? Check this

Hello all, I've been working on an issue we had the last few weeks, where the VAC reported 'items waiting to be indexed', and where the count went up day by day. While working with support, and in this forum, I also accidentally found an KB article...

GertjanA by Level 6
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EV10 Mac OS client compatibility with EV Server version?

I've been reading and re-reading the Mac sections of the Compatibility Guide (June 1, 2015 version) and can't seem to find the EV client/server compatibility matrix for Mac OS EV client. Basically, need to confirm if the EV10 Mac OS client is compat...

dihrig by Level 4
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Resolved! Placeholder migration with 10.0.4 sub-folders

I have a migration of placeholders from one server to another I am going to be performing.  Essentially like this: fsautility -pm -s \\server\e$\folder\folder2\subfolder -d \\server\e$\folder\folder2\subfolder ​Folder2 is the archive point. When I ...

Fred_E_ by Level 3
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evault service starts and stops with event id 40966

evault service starts and stops with event id 40966   A program fault has raised an exception. Exception: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it  Command Line: "D:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\EVIndexAd...

Jomy by Level 5
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EV and US regulatory obligations (i.e. CFTC/SEC)

Hi All, I am interested in your experience with US SEC (17a-4) and CFTC (1.31) guidelines relating to record keeping, for companies using EV to journal data for regulatory purposes. CFTC 1.31 requires: (A) Preserves the records exclusively in a no...

goatboy by Level 6
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How to delete shortcuts without deleting archived items

We are using EV 11. We are trying to the delete all the shortcuts in mailboxes without deleting the archived items.  All the archived items are at least 7 years ago. The retention is 7 years.  When we decided not to delete archived items, we set Stor...

Gogeta by Level 4
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EV 11 pst migration fails The RPC server is unavailable

i am doing server driven pst archiving it always fails with below error, if i go to archives i can see the archived files       Configuration Settings ----------------------    11/1/2015 6:52:48 PM Number of retries after a networking error: 7 ...

Resolved! Why do I see Exchange mailbox archives accounter?

Hi there I am a beginner to learn EV so question is a simple to you but it will realy help me. :)   I installed EV environments in the test lab EV: evandSQL(EV11.0.1 Ver., MS SQL 2014 SP1)Exchange: evadexchange(Exchange 2013)AD domain : lab.local...

Jake_kang by Level 4
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