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Ev 11 and Office ProPlus

Hi all! I searched around but didn't find a solution to this isse. On Office 365 ProPlus v2002 (Click-to-Run) 32-bit on Windows 7 32-bit. The EV plug-in is installed and running. The menu is visible, however the main search box and buttons do not dis...

Using SQL to force Backup Mode

Hi AllI have an EV site, EV 11, that I need to run EVSVR in Repair Mode on 2 x Vault Stores that have 2 x active EV serversI can put these VS in Backup Mode but I cant put the other VS in Backup Mode as these other EV servers are decommissoned. Is th...

Resolved! EV Indexing Server minimum services

Hello,I install a new Indexing server and added to the Index Server Group, moved all the indexes removed the old server.Now, indexing tasks stay stuck in "Inactive" forever.All items are archived and indexed, the Index location are not in backup mode...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! "The custom form could not be opened" Outlook issue

Hi,we use Outlook 2016, EV Add-In, W10 1909 and get errors by selecting archived items in Outlook.The issue is described in this article: tested all suggested solutions and found o...

EV FSA: LUN's free space after archiving

Hi,Kindly, I need to know how to benefit from the remaining free space of a LUN after archiving it.My EV FSA Environment is:EV 12.5 targetting three Fileserver: dfs1 - dfs2 - dfs3.Number of LUNs per Fileserver = 8 LUNs.Size of each LUN = 3TB. After a...

EV search issues

Hi guysWe have EV v12.5 and have been using for over 5 years with a third party vendor search tool - Vault Solutions web search. It allows users to search and restore from archive & journal through a simple web interface.We have recently hit an issue...

nickt2 by Level 4
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Resolved! EV questions

HI,I hope someone can answer/s on the following queries below by customer:1. If the File is encrypted once it has been archive,  will it still be encrypted after the archive process ? Will the file structure of the file still the same once it has  be...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Office Mail App

Hi,Yeasterday, the Enterprise Vault Office Mail App, start showing this error in the following browser Microsoft Edge(Chromium), Chrome and Firefox:Spoiler"This add-in has been disabled to help keep you safe. To continue using the add-in, validate th...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! Migration of file server cluster

Hi, I have planned migration of 4 node file server cluster to new cluster. File server target names will stay the same (example \\FS01\Legal) and drive letters will also stay the same. I was wondering if this was the proper way for migration1) Create...

Bothari by Level 3
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Vault Store Partition on NBU Universal Share

Hello All,is it supported using a Cifs share exported by a NetBackup Appliance with the Universal Share feature to create an EV Vault Store partition (for FSA) ?Does anybody tried to use a NBU Universal Share in such as use case ?Thanks.Kind Regards,...

Stefano_Lomba2 by Level 3
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Public Folder Permissions lost after migratiing to O365

Hello together,a customer faces the following problem. He is moving his exchange mailboxes to office 365.The pubic folder are hosted on another forest. This exchange server is on prem.He could see that if he is migrating the mailbox to O365 the publi...

Vault Cache growing far beyond 1GB limit

Hey All, Any thoughts on where to look for why some users virtual vault cache seems to grow far beyond 1GB limit? All desktop policies in our org have 1GB limits but some users grow to 5GB or far beyond. Any thoughts or ideas why that might happen? M...

Added EV domain admin - 8596 Data decryption has failed

vault service account was accidently added to domain admins. it has been removed but EV now gives there following error even though it is removed. any ideas?Log Name: Symantec Enterprise VaultSource: Enterprise VaultDate: 9/16/2020 4:31:00 PMEvent ID...

VersEV1 by Level 4
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Unable to open archieved email

We have Exchange Server 2016 and Enterprise Vault 12.5. On client side we have Outlook 2016 & 2019 with EV Outlook Add-ins installed. While trying to open archived email, we are getting error "Cannot downoad the archived item from https://archive.dom...

FazalUr by Level 3
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