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EV - Separating Journal & Mailbox archiving

I have a site with a single EV server performing both Journal and Mailbox archiving - and the load is too much for the server.  SQL is located on another server.  Both servers are Virtual - VMware.  EV is at 10.0.4, Windows is W2K8R2 and SQL is 2K8R2...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! Event ID 7270 Index Server Process Failed

Hi, Getting this Warning appear quite a lot in my EV event log, cant seem to find much about it online, not this specific Event ID anyway. Anyone know any more about it? Full text below Index Server process failed  Index: 1BFF217D349EE5942AD47F285...

Dowley by Level 3
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Resolved! EV Events for monitoring

Hi. I've read that AndrewB has a good excel spreadsheet for events to monitor with nagios. Could You please give me the link for the document. Kind regards, Nadine

Resolved! Building EV11 in resilience

Hello all,   I am in the prosess of deploying fresh EV 11 into a multi-site environment (with Exchange 2013 DAG) and planning to have active/pasvie to have HA solution. can you please recommend which clustering model to use: using Veritas Cluster...

KVS by Level 3
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Resolved! ShortCut Deletion

Hi Guys,   This one must be simple, however need your expert advise. In my org. we are about the delete shortcuts older than 2 years.  Can someone please tell me its benifites? As, how it will benifite Exchange, EV and the users? Can storage spa...

Resolved! Retntion Category question

I have the following sql script which shows assign retention categories and item counts for a particular mailbox ID.   USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory SELECT RetentionCategoryName, RetentionCategoryIdentity FROM RetentionCategoryEntry USE EVVSMBXVS...

pjglick by Level 4
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Resolved! Oldest Index item and Actually archive mail

Could someone tell mw exactly what the oldex index items actually means.  I have user who shows old mail which is beyond the configured expiry as being the oldest item but I cannot find that item in their archive?   Thoughts.

pjglick by Level 4
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Resolved! EV11 adding SMTP archiving

Hello all, I'm looking at using SMTP archiving. I am currently running EV11.0.1 CHF3 mailarchiving only. When I need to add SMTP archiving, I need to rerun setup. This will install the 11.0.1 components again. I assume I will have to re-apply CHF3...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Adding Windows Storage Server 2012

Hi All. I've problems adding a Windows Storage Server 2012 as target for Enterprise Vault. It's a new instalation, Enterprise vault 11.0.1 (over Windows Server 2012 R2), and when i try to add the Windows Storage Server 2012 as Target the followin w...

enterprise vault proxy server for OWA

Hi all, at the moment we're running one single EV server within our company LAN. In order to make archived items accessible from the internet via OWA we would like to install a second EV server which would act as a proxy. Can anyone tell me if this...

Journal Mailbox not being scanned

We have a couple of critical alerts. There were some changes made to the system but I'm not certain exactly what.   Basically we haven't been archiving the journal mailbox for over 30 days and the mailbox store either (but that one is minor since is...

raffi by Level 0
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Resolved! Question for best solution to a 2 server scenario

Hello, I have the following scenario. We currently have 1 ev server on one site. Now users from another site, connected via WAN shall be enabled for archiving, but the storage has to reside on the other side of the users also so the ev server on sit...

Andy297 by Level 4
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Migrate EV11 to new Exchange org name

Hello I have a requirement to change the organization name of our Exchange environment to a new name (Don't ask why !!!)   We have EV11 for Exchange installed and was wondering if i ran through the following process what the ramifications on EV wo...