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User receives "Failed to perform search request" when trying to access items in the PST migration folder in Archive Explorer

I have some issues at a customer's site which I think are all interlinked so I will try to keep this as short as I can. The environment is EV 9.0.4 Firstly, a user is due to run a workshop and requires some old emails that were migrated from her PS...

AlanJ by Level 4
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Indexes and Expiry

Hi,   Question about expiry and indexes.  Does running expiry redue the sizes of indexes also?  I have run expiry on about 13 million emails and watched the storage decrease, but haven't seen the indexes redue at all.  Just wondering if i am missin...

Resolved! Closed Partition Backup question

Our legal department has been very generous with regards to expiry.  Therefore, we have several closed partitons.  We have been backing them up weekly over the weekend.  Over the past month or so the back ups have taken longer and longer. I'm lookin...

legomai by Level 4
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Enterprise Vault using guest account

I'm using EV10 SP3, Outlook 2013 and Exch 2010.  We use vault cache and virtual vault on Win8.1, EV server is 2008 R2.  We are rolling out a new SOE.  I have auditing set up on security logs on EV servers.  I am seeing some interesting behaviour.  S...

Sortid by Level 6
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Windows 2012 Storage Spaces clustering and EV

Hi, Does anyone know or has anyone tried the new Windows 2012 Storage Spaces (disk clustering) with Enterprise Vault non-clustered implementation.  My client wants to set up 2 EV servers active aqcgtive, hence EV in clustered mode is out and will be...

Fremont by Level 5
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Resolved! EVPM folder restrictions

Hello Tech Gurus,   Can you please help me with folder restriction script, I have put in restriction that user cannot delete/move managed folder, however I want to restrict them with rename as well. They should not be able to even rename the folder...

How do users apply a retention catagory to an email

Hello We have a 7 year retention Catagory which is "locked" and is applied to all our users. we need to set up a new retention catagory for users so they can apply this to specific emails. I seem to be going round in circles with this so could any...

EV SQL query

hi   We are using EV 8 SP5. i need a SQL query that gives the total size of an archive. The VS DBs are on a seperate SQL instance to the directory DB so i will need a JOIN in the query somehwere.   Can anyone help?   Thanks  

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! EV 9.0 Exporting restore basket without Exchange

Hi, We have migrated to office 365 and exported all active email archives from EV to 365. Now we have a standalone EV server that isn't connected to an Exchange server. But we still have an old Journal mailbox in there that we have to use for legacy...

AJLPP by Level 2
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Vault not archiving emails

Im sure this is a very basic question, Im at a Loss here and have no experience with this program so I am not even 100 percent sure what questions to ask. I Have 3-4 users for whom the Vault Archive process has stoped working, They have about half th...

Resolved! Error on provisioning report mode

When I run Provisioning in report mode I get this:   ---x--- Mailboxes on Exchange Server [SVR-EML-06] that have entries in the Enterprise Vault database but which are not in any provisioning group: /o=pharmamar/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (...

EV Imap question

Hi All, I am rolling out my first Imap configuration for EV in the next week and I just wanted to confirm some infomation. If you enable Imap internal and dont use the client do the users have "Virtual Vault"? So access to their archived items offl...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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synchronize button missing

Hello, Can some one help me with issue.   I have an user, where she can not find a synchronize button on her outlook, no Virtual vault too. This is the issue with only single user. Troubleshooting steps we performed: -> Tried to reset EV clinet...

PST migration policy vs. Mailbox policy

Our PST migration policy is set to archive all message classes.  I checked the log file after migration and it showed a number of items not elgible for archiving because of PST migration policy setting.   All those items are calendar items which are ...

Gogeta by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault SQL Server Fragmentation

Dear All,   I got the warnning about SQL tables have one or more indexes with a fragmentation level of more than 30%. What should I do? To rebuild index in SQL server? Is there any maintenace task I would need to do on SQL Server? Thanks Best rega...

elroy_lo by Level 4
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Consolidation of Enterprise Vault File Archiving servers

Hi All, Has anyone successfully consolidated Enterprise Vault file archiving servers? I have an environment with 3 EV servers (EV1 MBX, EV2 & EV3 FSA). My plan to perform this consolidation is to merge EV3 with EV2. There are 2 options I am conside...

FischerP by Level 2
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Resolved! Indexing service does not start - Event ID 41293

Hello guys, unfortunately since the weekend our indexing service is not willing to come up. It is failing with event ID 41293. For sure there are a lot of possible solutions, but none of the troubleshooting digest seem to fit to our case. https:...

woelki by Level 4
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Closed Archive Question

When an archived is closed (which i have 7000 closed archives) do the items still expire out of the archives when expirey runs?  The reason i am asking is because a user / EV admin can't delete items out of closed archives, they get access is denied....