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Resolved! MailboxMonitoringHistory table empty

Hello, I started to test EVOM more deeply last days and I noticed (in 3 different EV versions/installations) that tables MailboxMonitoring & MailboxMonitoringHistory in EV Monitoring DB are empty. That's contrast with Service|Task Monitoring[History...

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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Delete EV ShortCuts Exchange Mailbox

Hello all, I'm trying to delete or view the result of EV Shortcuts in a user mailbox with the follwowing commands: Search-Mailbox -Identity UserName -SearchQuery "IPM.NOTE.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut" -DeleteContent or Search-Mailbox -Identity UserN...

Codec by Level 3
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Resolved! FSA: moving Files to mountpoints

Hi there, Environment: EV10.0.4CHF3 on Windows Server 2012 + Fileserver (w. FSA-Agent) on Windows Server 2008R2 The LUN of the Fileserver is reaching its max.size of 2TB (MBR, not GPT) and we have to reorganise the Shares -> so we´ve made plans to ...

Manuel_L_ by Level 3
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Understanding EV Reports

I was trying to ascertain how many mail items are eligible for archiving by future archiving runs, using the existing policies we have employed. The detailed Archived Mail Report (in EV 10) has a lot of information and I was after a little clarity w...

Resolved! EVPM - clarification

Hello Tech Gurus, Is EVPM just to apply policies on one single user? is there anyway I can apply a policy to OU or security group with EVPM.   For instance, below mentioned script : [Directory]DirectoryComputername = EVserverSiteName = EVsite ...

Resolved! Files archived .html are broken

Hi ! We have archived the files in Windows Server 2008R2. The files with extension .html are broken ! When we copy or consult the file, this is blank or broken. When we try open with Notepad++ , it's display : Thanks for your help ! The versio...

Resolved! check in which cabfile a dvs should be

Hello all, Is it possible to verify in which cabfile a dvs should be? We seem to have some doubles (a dvs being in two cabfiles) but before running EVSVR, I'd like to check in SQL first. I believe it is possible using the transactionid, but I am n...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Anonymous rights to Storage Management

I am seeing the following error in my Vault system log. Why would anonyous  need remote activiation rights to Sotrage Management.     Log Name:      System Source:        Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM Date:          6/29/2015 2:32:10 AM Even...

Resolved! How can you tell if a pst is still migrating

Folks   Ive a few psts that are big enough in size 12-15gigs that im migrating using a server driven migration. Theres 3 left out of 49 that are still in a status "migrating" I know they are big and could take a while but my question is...Apart f...

xgtdec by Level 4
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EVPM dn error 0x8004011D

Processing mailbox : CN=GautamEV Test,OU=EVArchive,DC=XXX,DC=com Error - Whilst processing mailbox with dn : CN=GautamEV Test,OU=EVArchive,DC=XXX,DC=com [0x8004011D] .ini file content :  [Directory]DirectoryComputerName = EVserverSiteName = EVSi...

Resolved! Duplicate Email in Outlook after Legal Hold activation

Hi everyone, I have a big issue with my Enterprise Vault infrastructure. Last week, i activated the Legal hold on several mailboxes. (Using this answer : During the week-end...

Lenny_ by Level 4
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Resolved! FSAUTILITY restore all files and replace placeholders

Hello, I  am facing issue to restore all files to another location/shared path of archived file server, I am using the following command to restore on differnet path.   fsautility -t -s "\\FileServer1\Linking"  -l 0   Error: The path \\FileServe...

mrauf by Level 4
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IMAP notifications not sending

We have recently configured and enabled IMAP on our Enterprise Vault server. Everything appears to be working fine with the exception on IMAP notification for new users. When a new user is enabled it is configured to send a notification email with co...

Resolved! EV Database Fragmentation levels

Hello ! I have warning for "Database fragmentation levels" 41561Fragmentation warning for indexes of 'EnterpriseVaultDirectory' on SQL server instance 'EVAULT-BDD'.     1 table(s) have one or more indexes with a fragmentation level of more...

Resolved! Command line to export archive to PST on EV9

Hi all,   We have many users need to export the archive to a PST, as the GUI wizard need serval step so it spend many time to export it one by one. Any command line or tools can export the data?   Thanks   Best Regards

How EV finds eligible items, by index or by scanning?

Hello,   let's say we have MS Exchange mailbox archiving based on age. Does EV use some "index" on MS Exchange side to quickly find out which items are eligible for archiving? Or it is slowly scanning the mailbox, mail by mail, querying each mail f...

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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Resolved! Litigation Hold Procedure

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some kind of procedure to set up a Litigation Hold on mailboxes and archives. I have a standard setup of 2 Exchange servers, a Enterprise Vault (first archive policy is "older than a year") and Discovery Accelerator set...

Lenny_ by Level 4
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expiry best practice

we have been archiving for about 2 years along with a large pst ingestion.  we finally have an agreed upon retention.  based on the expiry report we will be deleting approx 24 million items.  we have been advised to step down the retention period unt...

pjglick by Level 4
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