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Resolved! Command line to export archive to PST on EV9

Hi all,   We have many users need to export the archive to a PST, as the GUI wizard need serval step so it spend many time to export it one by one. Any command line or tools can export the data?   Thanks   Best Regards

How EV finds eligible items, by index or by scanning?

Hello,   let's say we have MS Exchange mailbox archiving based on age. Does EV use some "index" on MS Exchange side to quickly find out which items are eligible for archiving? Or it is slowly scanning the mailbox, mail by mail, querying each mail f...

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
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Resolved! Litigation Hold Procedure

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some kind of procedure to set up a Litigation Hold on mailboxes and archives. I have a standard setup of 2 Exchange servers, a Enterprise Vault (first archive policy is "older than a year") and Discovery Accelerator set...

Lenny_ by Level 4
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expiry best practice

we have been archiving for about 2 years along with a large pst ingestion.  we finally have an agreed upon retention.  based on the expiry report we will be deleting approx 24 million items.  we have been advised to step down the retention period unt...

pjglick by Level 4
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Resolved! Server driven PST migration Locator Task setting

Everytime we run the Locator Task, it spends three hours searching the domain for new computers before it starts searching for PST.  From the report, it shows: "Search for new computers at start of new search cycle: True".  Is there any way to set it...

Gogeta by Level 4
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Resolved! Storage change - storage partition move of closed partition

Hi there, We´ve to demount an old storage, where the active storagepartition is located. As the EV-storage is an old direct attached (SCIS) MSA - shared via fileserver to the EV, there´s no possibility to "Migrate" data to the new FC-Storage. So i...

Manuel_L_ by Level 3
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Resolved! EVPM PST migration and shortcuts

Hello, I'm going through migration to EV 11 from another email archiving product and I want to find a way to import PSTs to EV with EVPM and create shortcuts, but not for mesages that are older that 1 year. I se the option in PST migration policy, b...

yxm by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore Basket to PST for Ex Employees

Hello, I have been requested to restore some emails from ex-employees with a particular phrase match for a court subpoena. These employees mailboxes have been removed from Exchange long ago. Using the Enterprise Vault service account I can successf...

EV Server Migration Wizard - Report Files

I am currently performing an EV migration from W2K3 servers to W2K8R2 servers (2 of each), and having done all the preparation work am at the stage where I am running the migration wizard. I ran the extract on the directory server (runs Email archiv...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Policy Manager EVPM

Hi, Is there a way to check a mailbox for EVPM applied settings or policies? I have applied a different age based policy for Calendar items as per

Elio_C by Level 6
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Resolved! How does EV shortcut work?

Can someone please explain how EV shortcut connects to Evault to retrieve archived email?  We are testing different scenarios.  One of them is to save some shortcuts to a PST file and access them from the PST file.  There is no problem at first.  How...

Gogeta by Level 4
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Resolved! Fsautility issue - Enterprise Vault

i was trying to retore the bulk of data within the same file server through evault fsautility option but its giving an error invaild volume. i am entering the below command, please find the below command. C:\program files (x86)\enterprise vault>fsa...

mrauf by Level 4
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Resolved! IndexCommit = 0 produces items for 1 user

Hi, Originally I started to investigate a problem items stuck in "waiting for bu". So I ended up checking all kinds of things and also ran the query to see the indexing situation. I got the main problem solved but now nothing in the VAC is alarming...

Sani_B by Level 6
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TRIM account is getting Access denied error.

Hi,   Wee have TRIM configured on Enterprise vault. Trim account was having EV roles “Extension Content Provider Application” and “Task Applications”. and additionally we have given power administrator permission to TRIM service account.  But stil...

Exchange 2013 OWA EV Office App Initalization Failed Error

Hello all.  After configuring the OWA/EV webapp we see the Enterprise Vault tab however when we click on it we get an "initialization failed" message.  I read a few other community posts and some support threads and nothing has worked to correct the ...

aschnarrs by Level 4
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Resolved! EV trend analysis or archiving rate patterns

Hi, Looking for the best way to do some trend analysis for EV. So i'd like to know the volume of data we'll archive in a year if we continue at the current rate? Or something similar. We have the reporting services installed so what are the best wa...