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Resolved! Archiving CCTV Images

Hi there,   is it possible to used EV 11 to Archive CCTV Images which need to be retained for a year.   The compliance part should not be difficult, more the archiving and retrieving the image if needed.   Thanks for your prompt answer.   Ale...

alex_ntow by Level 2
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Mail App issues

Hi, The whole mail app is still quite confusing to me... I have a customer, he installed EV with SSL from the beginning so we're good on this point. we run the script on the IT guy user: $Mbx = get-mailbox "igor" New-App -mailbox $Mbx.LegacyExch...

Resolved! Archive Move - SSID info

Hi Team,   Need your help to resolve this. I am working on archive move, during this archive move status shows “ Failed” When I check the log file, I see the SSID of the archive which is of 32 characters. I referred article

Enterprise Vault Backup

We recently move changed ouur backup application from CommVault to Veeam. Comm files Vault executed the trigger files from within the backup job. With Veeam we arerunning scheduled tasks to run the pre & post commands. We are only locking the databas...

Resolved! Categories with Retention

Want to know how others handle their categories? I have 13 depts that want their own categories and retention set up, what is the general standard? Any suggestions of what to do or not to do? Examples: Contracts-11 years, Correspondence-5 years, Repo...

njcollier by Not applicable
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Export of one EV7 Public Folder archive

Hello, My customer has one Exchange2000/EV7-public folder archive on approx. 150GB  he wants to migrate to either EV10 public folder archives, Exchange2010 Public Folders  or few .pst files. The sourcing provider we use have exported (with Quadro...

Waffenruhe by Not applicable
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Tab Missing in Outlook 2010

After installing Enterprise Vault addin 11.1.3474 on client win 8.1 desktop, I dont see Enterprise vault tab in outlook. I dont know why this is happening ? Allthough in add and remove programs it shows as installed, below is the screenshot: Even...

Newbee by Not applicable
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Resolved! Event ID list - Monitor - Nagios - EV 11

What event ID are important to monitor ? How do you monitor EV with Nagios ?? I don't find any article about monitor EV with Nagios ! I checked this but the list is too long !! Thanks for ...

FSAUtility - 'already queued'

Hello All, Currently have EV FSA 10.0.4 running on Windows 2008 R2 archiving files from a Celerra presented via CIFS. We are attempting to recall hundreds of GB / many thousands of placeholders using FSAutility as a test. The process appears to com...

Resolved! MSMQ a1 get high and archiving is slow

Hello, At a customer with EV10.0.4 we have the following problem. The EV server have a high a1 queue and is still getting higher (over 1000 items). When the archive task runs we see in the brief report that it has archived 5 mailboxes in 7 hours. I...

marbak71 by Level 2
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Way to exclude File share folder from EV Archive

Hi We have a file server being archived using EV Archive server. We are running version It is presented as a file server target and is currently being archived successfully. However the share has lots of high resolution images and as a...

Resolved! EV Outlook addin error

Hi Everyone, Need an urgent help help on an issue with Enterprise vault app. Customer has implemented EV 11.0 with Outlook 2013 on windows 2012. IE Version 11. He has one external domain and one internal domain. In internal domain he has created ...

Resolved! search window EV 11 prompts open / save - solution

Hi, Is there a solution for the scenario where in the new EV 11 search inside outlook window, when user double clicks an email - instead of opening inside outlook as msg file - it pops out a window asking if you want to save or open the file? My cu...

Changing Mailbox From One Policy to another Policy

Hello, I'm currently running exchange 2007 and Enterprise Vault I'm having four Storage Vaults for the purpose of having right staff/employees in the correct Storage Vaults. Each Storage Vault has different archiving rules based on the...