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Question around Moving Archived Data on File Server

Hi All   EV 11 sp 1 environment    A  customer is going to be moving all data, archived and unarchived. between two file servers. The File Servers are called Server A (old server ) and Server B ( new server). These are Windows Server 2008 and 201...

Resolved! I would like to EV 11 videos

Hello All,   I am new to Enterprise Vault, so I would like to improve my skills, could you please provide EV 11 videos. Thank you

ev123ad by Level 2
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Microsoft attacking Enterprise Vault.

Do they finally get scared, or have enough confidence now? Curious to learn how my EV friends will counter this?

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! No valid licence key installed EV 5.0

We have had KVS Vault running for years to archive our external mail (all external mail is copied to a mailbox which is then archived into the vault and deleted from the mailbox). A few weeks ago, it stopped archiving (i.e. the mail was not copied t...

Resolved! SQL query required

hi   we are using EV 8 sp5. Is there anyway using SQL to obtain the size of an archived subfolder? EG. If a user has Inbox and a subfolder in his archive can i just get archived items and items size on the subfolder or only at the top levef of the ...

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! Unmatched default SQL collation:

We are upgrading from EV 9.0.4 on server 2003 32-bit to EV 10.0.4 on server 2012 R2 64-bit.  We will be using the same SQL server 2008 R2.  In running the deployment scanner it came up with a mixed collation on the  EVDashboard Database.  I have come...

Running Expiry Reports

We currently have our retention categories set for forever.  But finally we are about to put timeframe on them.  What is the best way to run reports to determine how much data will be deleted based on certain time frames?   Thanks   Paul

pjglick by Level 4
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EV behaviour with futurs meetings/appointments.

Hello people, We archive mail items after 30 days. EV9.0.2 for microsoft exchange   I need to know if appointments / meetings which are scheduled for the futur will be archived 30 days after creation date ( also today) or 30 days after the  date ...

Resolved! EV 11.0.1 Retention Periods

Hi All, I'm looking for some guideness. We have had our default retention period set for 7 years since day 1 of our setup, however we have never enabled the function to automatically delete expired items. We have also allowed our users to manually ...

Uninstall of EV 10.3 with single Exchange Server

 I have been searching for information on completely removing EV 10.3 from a Customer environment. The Customer has only one EV Server (installed on the PDC) and Exchange 2010. It really doesn’t “fit” with the existing hardware configuration and thei...

jseidens by Not applicable
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