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Resolved! 41619 - transient error

Hello all, I have below happening frequently. According to SQL DBA's, nothing wrong on SQL servers.. Does anyone know where the timeout mentioned is set? I'd like to up that a bit. A transient error is preventing the execution of a SQL command. Enter...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! EV server recovery question

Is there a way to recover an EV server without a backup of the Directory database? I have complete and good backups of all other databases, vault store partitions and EV indexes but the directory database seems to be corrupt and failing to restore. I...

CadenL by Moderator
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Re: Using the PST Export Wizard

Hi Thank you for your post. I exported emails but found few emails are showing its in archive and not showing the attachment.I checked using ev server link browser, getting "This message has been archived" messageOther messages are able to view the c...

EMC VNX 'Pass-through' placeholder behavior (EV12.2)

HI I'm just wanting to make sure my understanding of Celerra\VNX placeholder 'pass-through' behavior (which I believe is the default) is accurate. The followiing is from the EV guides: The syntax of the -read_policy_override parameter is as follows: ...

CadenL by Moderator
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Resolved! How to move EV Database (SQL 2012 to SQL 2019) of EV 12

Hey guys,I want to move my EV12 database from SQL 2012 to SQL 2019.I already did this migration in the earlier version with this link:How to move the Enterprise Vault SQL databases ( also found the script EVSQLServerMove on my current SQ...

MON_AB by Level 4
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archive status

hiwe disabled a number of user archives... Some have an archive status of "available" others have a status of "unavailable"any ideas why this is?we suggest that lovers of big asses watch the best porn in this category here

Support Expired how to renew

Hi all,just a quick Question, because I didn't found it. We have EV 12.1 running and the support ended 2 years ago (or longer). so if we want to update to 12.5 we need to renew the support, right? Do we have to buy a renewal or a new one (due to the ...

DCAIT by Level 3
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Create Exchange Mailbox Archive from command line?

EDIT - Is it possible to create a new Exchange Mailbox archive from command line or programmatically?I have 1384 PST files for users who left the company, there is no AD account or mailbox to work from using the normal 'enable mailbox' method to crea...

Enterprise vault shortcuts directed to the wrong server

Hi,We're currently migrating users to a new domain and a lot of users find that they can't access archived emails. When checking I see that even though the archive for the user is still in the original server and migration for the archive has not eve...

Nimshen by Level 0
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Enterprise Vault - refresh EMC VNX array

Hi We have an EV 12.4 environment that archives data from an aging EMC VNX array. The VNX hosts several CIFS shares of user home directories and EV archives files from the user home directories and replaces these with EV placeholders. The VNX is due ...

CadenL by Moderator
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Enabling Web Access Application for SSL

I'm working on an existing EV 12.5.2 environment archiving from 4 x Exchange 2016 Servers.The Web Access application was left set to 'Use TCP port 80' and now the management team wants to implement a certificate and configure it to port 443.Exchange ...

Resolved! Delete a Vault Store & Partition after archive migration

Greetings,Hoping this is an easy question.  :)EV 12.5.2 on Windows Server 2012 R2I just finished moving 60+ Exchange Mailbox archives from some old storage (ExchangeMailbox VaultStore) onto Dell EMC ECS (EmailStorage Vault Store).I now want to delete...

Remove Decomm'd Servers from MSMQ

HelloWhat's the safest way to remove Enterprise Vault MSMQ Private Queues for Exchange Servers that have already been Decomm'd?I'm using EV v12, Exchange 2016 all on Win2012 R2Thanks for your help Dave 

Resolved! When do "Run Now" Tasks run

HelloAt about 10.00 yesterday I used the "Run Now" option on an Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task but it didn't start until 21.00.In the Reports for that Archiving Task "Run Now" always seems to Run and 21.00 ie not the time it was started.Is this norm...