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Resolved! Upgrade EV9 to EV10

I migrated EV9 from 32bit over to 64bit OS successfully.  Now, trying to upgrade from 9.0.1 to 10.0.4, and then EV11.  Getting EV installation error "This Hotfix is not compatable with Enterprise Vault". This article says EV9.x to EV10.x ...

Resolved! EV File System Archiving - Restore Search Results

I have an EV10 system running both Email & FSA and have a requirement to save all the documents returned from a search to a specific location.  I can do this with email, by simply restoring to a PST from the search application, but cannot see how to ...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! Issue with IMAP authentication

Hi All EV 11 SP1 We are busy installing the Mail Connect (IMAP) component of EV at an established EV customer    At the  moment we are not using certificates as we are just testing within the network. Anyway we have done the following as per the ...

The archived item is currently unavailable.

Hi everyone,   We have a problem about Enterprise Vault. Our enviroment Exchange 2010 2 CAS 3 MBX.  I login OWA and then click an archived item. I get a warning top of the mail, "The archived item is currently unavailable. If you choose repy or fo...

simadmin by Not applicable
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Resolved! couldn’t manually archive items

we are facing an issue with a single mailbox which we can't manually archive items. EV v9.0.4 Client : outlook 2010  with client 10.0.3 installed Every time a manual archive action is started : We receive the attached errors   We have tried t...

Changing retention of existing material in archives??

Hi Guys   Very quick question....way back when the powers that be decided a certain department should have a 2 year retention for both file and mail. So everything in their archives has a 2 year retention!!   Now in their infinite wisdom they wan...

xgtdec by Level 4
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Resolved! Report on how much old archived data is accessed

Hi guys, Does anyone know how to generate a report from SQL which will show how much archived data is accessed? I am most interested in the older data as we do not have any retention policies in place and this would give me some idea for future pla...

Fiona by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore an item back into another mailbox?

Hello all, Using Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 I have access to multiple archives (my own and a functional mailbox i.e. group mailbox). I want to restore an item from the functional mailbox archive into the functional mailbox mailbox. I search the item...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Using DA to view SMTP Export Data

Hi All EV 11 sp1 I have a customer where we have implemented SMTP archiving. Its working fine  - email are forwarded to EV SMTP server, these emails are converted to .EML files and stored in the SMTP Holding area -  EV then moves this data to SMT...

Resolved! FSA HTTPS upgrade

Hi all, We are currently upgrading from EV 9 to a EV 11 and we want to use the Enterprise Vault Mailbox app which requires HTTPS. Now we are in the process of requiring a certificate but our concern is the FSA shortcuts. According to the documentati...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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Question around Moving Archived Data on File Server

Hi All   EV 11 sp 1 environment    A  customer is going to be moving all data, archived and unarchived. between two file servers. The File Servers are called Server A (old server ) and Server B ( new server). These are Windows Server 2008 and 201...

Resolved! I would like to EV 11 videos

Hello All,   I am new to Enterprise Vault, so I would like to improve my skills, could you please provide EV 11 videos. Thank you

ev123ad by Level 2
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Microsoft attacking Enterprise Vault.

Do they finally get scared, or have enough confidence now? Curious to learn how my EV friends will counter this?

GertjanA by Moderator
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