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Resolved! Permissions requirements for the VSA changed at some point?

According to this article The VSA’s requirements in Exchange The VSA requires full access to all mailboxes and public folders.   The powershell script SETEvExchangePermissions sets these rights, only it doe...

Sani_B by Level 6
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Rogue backup mode script/trigger

Hi everyone, I've a bit of a head scratcher. A system I'm working on is going into backup mode and I can't tell how Basically if I test backup mode scripts triggered from (local) windows Task Scheduler, and set an archiving task to run, everything w...

Resolved! Exclude one Folder from archiving in Symantec EV 11.0

Hi Team , Here is the requirement  We have Symantec EV 11.0 on our system. Our users have few good old emails which they would like to have them in their mailbox itself and not to be archived ( Less than 100 emails) Currently what we have planned...

41008 EV alert There are 281208 savesets that have not yet been backed up or replicated for Vault Store 'Exchange MBX Vault'. I use trigger file

hello,   somebody help me. I stuck this issue for a month.   I use EV OS : Windows 2008 SQL Server Std DB (run backup on 8:00 PM) I use trigger file to state that file is backup already. (run on 12:00 AM.)   this is example of tr...

Resolved! EV 11.0.1 FSA slow restore

Hi all, Running EV FSA 11.0.1 on Windows 2012R2 with 10GB network, I'm currently restoring 400Gigs of data at what appers to be up to 15MB/per sec to file server Windows 2008R2 Guest on Vmware 5.5 Is there a way to speed things up. I have  change...

BEI by Level 5
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EV11.0.1 SCOM EVWebsiteConnectivity.monitor error

Hello all, We use SCOM to monitor our EV environment, and we see on one of our installs the following alert: Source: Full Path Name:\servername\Common\Server connectivity...

GertjanA by Moderator
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EV 9.0.1 export to PST issues

All,   Need some assistance with some EV vault exports to PST. EV is installed on VM 2003R2 Standard box (only 4GB RAM). The majority of exports have completed without issue. Journal Vaults are being exported using date ranges as memory...

matt36 by Level 2
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Resolved! Archive Notification Emails from Client Driven PST Import

I have a mailbox with a bunch of PST Complete email notifications from our client driven PST import effort. The message class is IPM.Note, which is included in my archive policy, but the messages are never archived. I've been through the policies and...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Resolved! KB URL changed?

Hello all, I have an URL that points to the KBB articles: That would show a list of kb-articles, and quickly give an overview of latest added articles....

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! EVPM: Error Creating Privileged MAPI Session

Hi There, I had this EVPM process which would create and populate folders in people's Outlook and set retention categories on them. This process is broken now and when i run that process, it returns with the error message "Error creating privileged ...

DJSAJJAD by Level 3
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DelegateCanSeePrivateItems under EV 11 / 11.0.1

Hi, i need to configure DelegateCanSeePrivateItems=1 under EV 11 / 11.0.1. For previous releases, it is descirbed in the technote TECH57636. How can I configure this option without WebApp.ini under EV 11? I´ve tried to create the WebApp.ini file ...

Resolved! Option to Enable Auditing not available

Hi all, I uninstalled EV and also deleted all databases, audit option was enable at that time. Then reinstall EV 11.0.1 (+CHF1) and now option to "Enable Auditing" is not available when right clicking 'Directory on' in the Enterprise Vault Admin co...

hbozan by Level 4
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Resolved! Upgrading Index Questions

We are upgrading from EV for Exchange 9.0.4 on server 2003 to 10.0.4 on 2012 R2.  We had a consultant in about a year a go talking to us about the process.  We were told that all the indexes had to be converted to 64 bit at the time of the upgrade an...

Resolved! Cannot enable Enterprise Vault in Outlook

I work at a very large corporation.  Lately my department is in the process of being downsized so I'm being tossed between a lot of other departments that, maybe I'm not an expert in, but they're swamped so I'm trying to get the other departments cau...