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Resolved! EV Search and OWA

Hello, I'm new to EV and I have a fresh installation ov EVault 11. We have decided to use EV Search only (without shortcuts) and it works great on the desktops as archived messages are downloaded in MSG format and opened by Outlook. I just have ins...

yxm by Level 4
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Resolved! Opening FSA archived items seems empty

Summary: Copying the FSA archived items to another place from a network path, the placeholders change back to original icons but the recalled files seems empty, corrupt The issue: The customer wants to copy an archived file or files for example t...

papsandor by Level 3
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Restoration problems

Hi all, Some users have reported that when they try to restore a single file uning the archive icon,  it appers to be restoring multiple files at the same time. Would there be a reason for this or did I do something wrong? EV FSA  Windows 2012R2, ...

BEI by Level 5
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Resolved! Can we configure EV IMAP without SMTP Endpoint?

Hi All,   I have installed and configured EV 11.0.1 for Exchange 2010. All fine.   Now I am trying to Configure EV IMAP accesss for allowing the users access to their archive on their Smartphones..   Everytime I try creating an IMAP Endpoint It...

Shriiyer by Level 3
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Resolved! Server Setting Migration Wizard

I am preparing to upgrade from EV for Exchange 9.0.4 to 10.0.4.   9.0.4 is running on server 2003.  What I like to do is run an export on our existing 9.0.4 server and create an migration package.  Bring the 9.0.4 server back in to production.   Use ...

Resolved! Indexing issues - Service wont stop and upgrade info

Hi, Vault 11 on 2008 R2.   Indexing Service I was having some user issues so I though I would restart my server. However, the Indexing service is refusing to stop and I don't really want to kill it. It's been about 30 minutes and I am still gett...

Resolved! Moving EV SQL databases to new SQL server

Hi My customer wants to move their EV databases from an old SQL2005 SP4 server to a new SQL2012 x64 server. They are using EV10.0.4 When SQL was installed they used a DNS alias for the SQL server and so when moving the databases will they still nee...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise vault

about to upgrade Exchange environment from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013. Currently have EV11 installed and operating. I would like to know exactly how Enterprise Vault integrates into a new exchange environment and what the customer would require...

_Shk_ by Level 4
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Upgrading Exchange - How to handle EV

Hello, We are planning to upgrade Exchange environment from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013.   Currently have EV11 installed and operating.   I would like to know exactly how Enterprise Vault integrates into a new exchange environment and what th...

_Shk_ by Level 4
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Resolved! Deleting 32bit indexes after upgrade to 64

Afternoon everyone, I have been moving from EV 9 to 10 and finished upgrading my indexes from 32 to 64bit. The 32's are now closed and I'd like to reclaim some space. From the Index console I intend to: Open EV Index Server Properties Remove the cl...

Resolved! How do I change a Vault Shortcut back to an E-Mail?

Hi,   We archive our users mailboxes so that they have 3 months worth of live mail in their mailboxes. For those users who are unable to manage their e-mail and cannot keep their mailboxes under our Exchange limit we allow them to have only 2 month...

Resolved! Synch - Post Migrations

Hi We are in the process of mailbox migations from Exchange 2007 - Exchange 2013. We are using EV 10.0.4 During the pilot migrations we have observed that post migrations we have to re-run the provisioning task and synch the mailboxes which are move...

Resolved! Webapp in Exchange 2013 for OWA

Enterprise vault in our organization is setup wtihout SSL currently. I believe with the new OWAwebapp the requirement is to use SSL. I currently have a star cert for my company, but no SAN cert for the indernal name. Unfortunally everything is deploy...

btrowdy by Level 3
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Microsoft Exchange 2013 CU8 and EV 10.0.4 support?

Hi All,   Has anyone heard if Symantec now suppports Exchange 2013CU8 and EV 10.0.4? They were supporting customers who had the IU installed on exchange and hotfix3 for CU6 &7 but want to make sure. It isn't listed in the compatabilty chart as of t...

EVKydd by Level 4
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Resolved! Bulk Recall Enterprise Vault failing

Hi guys, I'm trying to complete a bulk recall but I can receiving the below error. "Error in determining whether the file is a placeholder - Failure" Does anybody know what causes this problem? - as far as I can tell the file has actually been rec...

smtp archiving in ev 11.0.1 not working

Hi All, I have a labsetup with EV 11.0.1 and exchange 2010 setup. SMTP archiving is configured as per the document, however the mails are notbeing sent to EV smtp server's Holding folder. re configured the send connector in EXchange server with both...

jaiclan by Level 2
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Resolved! issue with HCP -

Hello all, Maybe one of you uses HCP as storage device, and maybe you have seen the below. Investigation triggered due to event 7118: The databases and storage partition may be in an inconsistent state. Recommended action: Run the EVSVR utility t...

GertjanA by Level 6
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