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Resolved! Confirmation of Mailbox Archiving EV11

OK Scenario   we have users leaving the business, we need to ensure that these users mailbox content is all archived into EV.  We do this with a Policy that auto enables the archive and that archives anything in the Mailbox However for various rea...

enterprise vault storage migration

I am about to move my vault store partitions to new storage attached to the existing vault server. I am following the steps listed here:   1. set vault into backup mode, sto...

DTrace view looks corrupt

I have a 41021 Items Awaiting Indexing on a server and I was trying to run a DTrace when I got the following. Has anyone seen this before. Is this reflective of a corrupt installation? I'm logged on as VSA, tried running CMD prompt as admin, restart...

Resolved! watchfile has items on it that won't go forward

Hi Environment: EV exchange 2010 Archive location centera (no collection enabled)   Problem: Usage report shows items waiting for backup. SQL query returns rows equal amount waiting to be backed up. use vault_db select * from Jo...

Sani_B by Level 6
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Resolved! Consolidating EV Servers

I have multiple (5) EV Servers that have old mailbox archive and journal archive content .  I would like to consolidate them to a single server or two.  What is a practical way to accomplish this?  This would be roughly 20 TB of data that is at least...

Giacomo by Level 3
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FSA file recall - OpenAllFiles.exe

Follow up to: I finally found OpenAllFiles.exe which is making it very easy to recall placeholders, attaching it here if it helps people. Usage: ...

goatboy by Level 6
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Resolved! EV upgrade to 11.0.1 - estimated downtime

Does anyone have any downtime estimates when performing the upgrade from EV 10.0.4 to EV 11.0.1?  I understand this will be site specific depending on how large the databases are, but I am just looking for some numbers from people that have already p...

hockera by Level 1
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NTFS to Centera Migration is not working

Hi,  I am trying to migarte a data from a closed NTFS partion to Centera and its giving me the following error in th elog file. 2015-04-13 17:02:46  NTFS to Centera Migrator version 1.2 log file created for Job FTC_20150413135543 2015-04-13 17:02:...

Enterprise Vault - OWA and Compability mode

I have installed OWA extensions, and this is working in IE11 against OWA/Exchange 2010.  But as stated in the compability list, IE 10 and IE 11 must be in compability mode. Internally this is OK, but for external (random) OWA clients, they will not...

Resolved! Restored items when browsing folders

Hi all, I've EV that is archiving some shares and all is working fine (items are archived and shortcuts are created). When a user (windows 7) open the share the shortcuts "disappear" because the items are retrieved also if the user does anything. ...

superf by Level 4
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Event ID 3230, 2273

I have been trying to decrease the number of items that are back logged in my Journal Mailbox so I set up a new Journal Mailbox and Task and started Journaling to the new Mailbox and left the old Journal Task running to try and clear the pending item...

Resolved! EV DA install on SQL Server.

Hi I'm trying to find if there are any calculators\guidelines for CPU usage of EV datbases hosted on a dedicated SQL server. Here's my situation - all servers are virtualised with VMWare 5.5 A new EV solution for 1000 users with email archiving on...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 - SQL Server with SQL Authentication

Hi, I am just testing an EV 11.0.1 installation for Exchange archiving in a domain, which has no SQL server. I am supposed to use a SQL server which is outside the domain. In the documentation it says, that mixed authentication mode is supported. H...

SebastianM_ by Level 3
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Resolved! Forwarding messages from EV Search?

I sit possible to forward a single or multiple message from the archive after the shortcut has been deleted (from EV Search) V11.01? If not, are there any workaounds to provide similar fucntionality? Any guidance appreciated! Thanks!   Scott Hast...

Resolved! EV Access from Exchange Online & migration

Hi, In an O365 Exchange hybrid migration, once a mailbox is migrated from Exchange on-prem to Exchange Online is it still possible for a user to access their archived mail in EV?  Will stubs still work?  I've searched but can't find an answer. For ...

Clouded by Not applicable
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EV 10.0.4 not archiving mailbox using task

I'm working with a customer who has a large mailbox >500GB, a few years ago this mailbox was a PST which was improted into Exchange (2003).  It looks like the emails are not archiving from the task but they do when archived manually The emails are s...