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Resolved! EV 11 Search HTTP 404 error

Hi I've recently completed an upgrade of EV10.0.4 to EV11.0.1 (just a single server doing email archiving only)  and just need a bit of clarification on enabling the new EV11 search function. I don't want all the users to have immediate access to t...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Journaling with Exchange Server 2010 DAG

Using Enterprise Vault 11 with Exchange 2013 How do I create a Journaling Task so it will work with a DAG? e.g., Journaling mailbox is currently active on Serv1, I want to ensure EV is able to still pickup the journaled items when the mailbox become...

cpremoe by Level 2
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Storage Expiry Rates?

Hi all, I know there are many factors involved in storage expry, in our environment the expiry rate is anything up to 1500 items per hour. Can anyone weigh in with what expiry rates per hour you are seeing? Thanks, Jeremy.

Resolved! Items in centera from a deleted archive

Hi Guys   This is a more of a hopeful "somebody help" then a request for help!! Basically......a public folder email thats been archived and replace by a shortcut, has had its archive deleted, meaning the mail is readable from outlook but the mail...

xgtdec by Level 4
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Resolved! "A folder with the same name already exists"

Hi, I had an associate get the "A folder with the same name already exists" when trying to delete an item from their local Vault Cache. I followed and ren...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Resolved! Deleted vault vanished but event 7113 still occurs??

Hello, Somewhat weird problem: Deleted user entry from database using query: USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory DELETE FROM ExchangeMailboxEntry Where MbxDisplayName = 'Lastname Firstname' Put the vault of this user to Deleted state using VAC. For ...

Sani_B by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! EV11 Shortcuts not updating

Hi, We recently had a consultant upgrade our EV to V11. It seemed to be working OK, we could see about 2 million items go through the archived / awaiting backup screen since the update - however, we have noticed that no ones shortcuts in Outlook see...

EV Index location

Hi, Please help me to understand about the EV index folder locations. In my EV 10.0.4 servers we have configured EV index location using a mount point which inside have 8 sub folders, the concern here is out of eight folder only one folder is in us...

Resolved! Event ID 29014 -The RPC server is unavailable.

I have an EV 10.0.4 environment and the event logs are flooded with Event ID 29014 -The RPC server is unavailable. erros  and Event ID 6287   Storage DCOM error. Reason: The RPC server is unavailable.  (0x800706ba) Reference: [Get storage object]...

yobole by Level 6
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Resolved! Reduce the index volume

The vault services stopped due to the index volume running at out space . We have added more space and are now up to 500GB . That’s a lot of space being consumed, this seems very variable, how can I figure out why it’s grown/growing so much ? Is th...

yobole by Level 6
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Resolved! FSA agent version is older than EV server.

Hi All,   My Enterprise Version is 10.0.4 chf3 and file server agent version is 10.0.4 i need to upgrade file  server agent to 10.0.4 chf3 or it will work with same version. issue cant take reboot of file server due to bussiness impact. please s...

Resolved! windows xp service pack 3 and ev 11

I would like to know if Windows XP service pack 3 is supported if EV server version is 11 On the compatibility charts it is mentioned that EV 11 Client plugin is not supported but EV 10 Client plugin can be used.   In this case, can we have the Wi...

EV upgrade- Storage databases upgrade Monitoring

Dear Team,   We are planning to upgrade our EV from 9.0 to 9.0.4   Last time upgrade was failed since lot of millions of items waiting for backup. We have cleared that in 6 months. Can someone let us know how we can see the upgrade of vault store...

mayu by Level 4
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Resolved! EV11.0.1 Search - Date format

We have users in multiple countries, yet all of our users are getting US date format in the search results. As we only give users access to the vault via this mechanism, we are limited with options. I found this post from June, but no solution wa...

Resolved! EV11 Search Page click open response

When you do a vault search with the new EV11 search interface and then click an archived items to open it, IE prompts you if you want to open the item or save it. Does anyone know if there is any way to make it open directly instead of prompting fir...

Fremont by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Limiting number of Archiving task

Hi Guys, We are currently archiving 10000 plus users that are currently resigned, problem is it eats a lot of CPU usage and I want to limit the number of archiving task in move archive status. example is I have added 500 users on the archive task, b...

JPK06 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Restoring Archived Items Issue when Migrating Archive Tasks

Hi All,We have recently split up an EV environment for a customer into 2 mailbox archiving and 2 journal archiving servers.There are 2 active Exchange Servers and each mailbox archiving server is responsible for one Exchange Server.Our issue is, when...

ChayDouglas by Level 4
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Resolved! Copying archived emails to Public Folders

Hi all, Let's think about a user that copy an archived email from his mailbox to a public folder that is accesed by other users. I have several questions regarding this: - I assume that this copy generates a shortcut pointing to the same original a...