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Resolved! EV10 FSA placeholder question

Hello all, I have no experience (yet) with FSA, but the storage team is running a test using that. They came with a question to me, for which I do not know the answer. Perhaps one of you knows: Is it possible to get the SaveSetID from a placeholde...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Script error opening Vaulted emails

I have a couple of users that are unable to open Vaulted email when searching for emails - they get the following error pop up - has anyone come accros this and how do i fix this - I should say it works fine if i get them to use the browser search  ...

AndyMc by Level 2
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Resolved! Moving journal mailbox from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

Hi Running EV 10.0.4 CHF3 Need to move some journal mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. Can someone please validate this procedure: 1. Stop the Journal Task(s) 2. Move the journal mailbox(es) from the Exchange 2003 server to the Excha...

goatboy by Level 6
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Resolved! Moving the Reports folder to another disk drive EV 8.0

Hi, I am having problems trying to move the reports folder to another disk drive to free up some disk space. I have tried using the mklink /j cmd but it doesnt work with        Server 2003 I have also tried the fstutil but it only applies to directo...

Resolved! Upgrade to 10.0.4

Hi,   We have currently EV Vrsion 10.0.3 installed, if we would like to upgrade it to 10.0.4, do we also need to purchase license again or we should ask symnatec to provide us required setup ? Best Regards, Deepak

Resolved! How to manage EV partitons

I would like to be sure that I am properly managing or EV partitions. We have about 7TB spread over 7 partitons, 1 EV server with about 1100 users. I'd liek to be sure that I am sizing them to maximize performance and storage. Also, what are the opti...

Resolved! Problem archiving from Exchange 2013

We recently setup some new Exchange 2013 SP1 servers in our environment.  We are using EV 10.0.4. We are not having any issues archiving from our existing Exchange 2007 SP3 servers, but we cannot start the archive tasks against our Exchange 2013 ser...

stullier by Level 4
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Archive from domino and Exchange to same EV archive?

Hi, I have a customer with "read only" domino server (3k mailboxes on it with mails until December 2012) and 3k active exchange server with mails from January 2013 until now. That means that every user have 2 mailboxes, active one on Exchange and o...

SQL Journal Mailbox

We have Journaling environment, running Journaling for Exchange 2007 and EV version 10.0.4 I am looking for a SQL query which finds the target archive in Journal Mailbox Properties. Targets - > Exchange - > domain - > Exchange server name - > Journ...

Resolved! 41021 - Archived items waiting to be indexed

 There are 227260 archived items in Vault Store 'xyz' that are waiting to be indexed.   Example symptoms: There may be Help Desk calls because users of the search applications cannot find newly-archived items.   What should be my first ...

EV10 - search times out for a user, works for another

Hello all, I have a strange issue on an archive. This is EV10SP4CHF2. The archive contains approximately 425.000 items, dating as far back as 03-2003. The index is healthy, and has been verified. the archive is from a so-called functional mailbox (g...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! EV Servers didn't came out of backup mode

Our 4 EV Servers didn't came out of the backup mode by themselves. I have to do it manually. Why and how can I fix this. Another question (because I'm new to EV): Do I have to put them back into backup up by myself (it looks like) after stopping it ...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Licensing

Dear Sir,   I would like to clarify the licensing of the enterprise vault. Is there any information can be shared? I am confused that if I am going to setup archive for exchange, is there any other license such as ediscovery license I need to buy? ...

Resolved! GetOnlineAttachmentFileSize 0x80004005

Index problem, followed by steps: 1 - verification and synchronization console management EV => problem unresolved 2. verification with EVSVR 3 - EVSVR (Databasereference and databaselinkage) =>unresolved Log DatabaseReference: Step 1: Re...

lmesta by Level 3
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