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EV Message Queues Not being Processed

Hi I have this problem which is driving me nuts. I have in a test environment targetted an exchange 2010 server and wish to archive mail in a dummy mailbox. However whatever I try I cannot get the mail out of the Pending Archive State. I'm guessing ...

Resolved! Remote site archiving

I have an Exchange environment over three sites (2 sites with redundancy (6000 users split across Site 1 & Site 2) & 1 additional remote site (site 3 - 1000 users)) For EV, I’m proposing to design a centralised model, either at Site 1 or Site 2. How...

ASG_Roger by Level 2
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Resolved! Migrating Exchange From 2003 to 2013 via 2010

Hi, apologies for the rookie question, but we are looking to migrate our mail system from MS Exchane 2003 to eventually 2013 with Exchange 2010 as the interim step, ie. no user will be using this version. We have Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 for mailbox ...

Enterprise Vault System Mailboxes

We are implementing Enterprise Vault 11 in Our customer. The customer have a DAG with two servers (Echange 2010). We have 4 databases All the databases are mounted on 1 server and dismounted on the second server: I have created one vault service ac...

Bigenthy by Level 3
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Resolved! EV9 Backups in a Multi-Server Environment

Having now split Indexing and Storage on my EV9 systems how do I configure the backups? In the previous single server model I ran a PowerShell to set/clear backup mode as part of the backup job. I guess I can update the script including all servers,...

Elio_C by Level 6
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Resolved! EV11 SCOM "Index location connectivity state" 0 error

A few weeks ago we upgraded from EV 9.0.2 to EV 11 an installed the new SCOM 2007 R2 mangement pack. After a few days, we got errors in SCOM "Indexing" / "Index Location State" / "Connectivity". First it was only one index location with connectivit...

Resolved! EV 11 when opening archive it tries to download

I just upgraded my EV to version 11 about 2 weeks ago. My users have started complaining that when they open an archived email they are prompted to download/save the messge. I don't see any option in the Desktop Policy that controls that feature. How...

Resolved! Retiring Enterprise Vault Environment

We have moved to another archive solution and are ready to decommision our sole EV server. User emails were all exported back into Exchange and shortcut/stub emails deleted. Individual archive mailboxes were disabled in EV. All EV services and tas...

Brachus by Level 3
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Resolved! Virtual Vault and Stubs in PST files

Hi We are in the processes of migrating to Virtual Vault in preparation PST migration at a later date. Through our pilot we have found that a number of people have moved archive stubs to PST files rather than the full email.  As a result when we en...

Russ777 by Level 2
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Resolved! Limitation to the size of MDC file

Hello Team,   We have a user whose Archive is huge in size and is enable to use Virtual Vault/VC. The problem is his VV/VC disappears after few days and the issue is repeated past 6 -7 months. Once we extracted PST of his archive and it was almos...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Cross Site HA

I'm looking into the best solution for cross site mirroring of EV data and being able to failover to another site and back again. Similar to the way an Exchange DAG works. The Administration Guide and the white paper on HA don't seem to touch on this...

benorb by Level 3
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Resolved! Multiple EV sites queries

We are currently using enterprise vault 9.0 for exchange 2007 mailbox archiving We are planning to install EV 10.x and later on 11 phase wise on new server with new EV site and new directory database. The mailbox servers will be decommission from ol...

mayu by Level 4
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Resolved! Design / sizing new build.

We are in the process of sizing an EV system. All on windows 2008 R2 1400 users - on 2 Exchange servers in a DAG 30,000 messages per day 70k max per message. A design was proposed to us as follows 8 cores, 16 gigs of Ram for Journaling - 1 Serve...

Resolved! Create New Mailbox\Archive without losing old archive

  If I needed to create a new mailbox for a an existing user would it merge the users archive (old and new mailbox items)?  Could I create a new mailbox for a user along with a new archive without deleting the old archive ?   Thanks Paul

pjglick by Level 4
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Where do I find SSMW?

I looked at the EV 9.0.1 software. I cannot find the EV SSMW software - ServerMigration.exe Where do I find this software/executables?

Willie_Nel1 by Level 3
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