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Unable to open archieved email

We have Exchange Server 2016 and Enterprise Vault 12.5. On client side we have Outlook 2016 & 2019 with EV Outlook Add-ins installed. While trying to open archived email, we are getting error "Cannot downoad the archived item from https://archive.dom...

FazalUr by Level 3
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Resolved! Archive Task Failure

HelloWe are experiencing task failure. We have 3 Exchanges and we have 3 tasks to archive those Exchanges. When we stop 3 task and start 2 of them succesfully 1 of them always failing. It doesn't matter which one we pick. For example we have EXCA, EX...

vaultlearner by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! EV12 - SQL query question

Hello all, I have a query which gives me the SavesetID and the IDTransAction (see below) for items being on Legal Hold. I would like this query to return only that information for items which are on Centera storage. Does anyone have an addition to th...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Best way to apply retention plan to disabled archives

EV for Exchange 12.4.2I have applied a retention plan successfully and changed the retention category for specific folders in active archives by assigning the plan in provisioning groups.I now need to assign the plan to my disabled archives. It appea...

AengusM by Level 4
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Best tool for a re-hydrate of shortcuts?

I have a batch of users (couple of hundred) that need their shortcuts re-hydrated.De-merge effectively (but not exactly), we only want the shortcuts in the mailbox re-hydrated, as distinct from an archive export from EV which would include lots of de...

AengusM by Level 4
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Discovery Accelerator 12 Search Error

Hi Guys,I have problem with discovery accelerator, this case is new for me, when create case from discovery accelerator client and perform archive search, it allways error "String was not recognize as a Valid Date Time" like picture belowthen, i also...

da error.JPG

Which retention category applied to an archive ?

Hello,As a check I should be able to control that the archives get the right retention category applied.WE have 2 big entities on our Site and as one wants to delete after 10 years the other doesn't.Luckily I created than 2 retention categories ans c...

Create new Vault for user in EV

HI,Please be informed that we have a user who can manual move email to Vault in Outlook.He would like to request a new Vault then move his email in Outlook and keep the old vault then access his old vault via Web search.May I know the step for create...

Y1251 by Level 4
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Recall E-Mails

Hello,is there a possability to recall E-Mail Objects which are placeholders (similar to FSA Tool fsautility.exe with parameters -b -s) in users mailboxes? We have decided to migrate to Exchange Online, were the users need their E-Mails all in one pl...

OWA Add-in on Exchange2019 cu4 Initialization failed

Hey,we do not get the owa add-in working. (Outlook Plugin work fine)Error: initialization FailedCall: /owa/service.svc?action=ExecuteEwsProxy&ID=-40&AC=1ErrorMessage: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.1) Exchange 2019  CU4 OnPre...

Upgrade Exchange to 2016 - EV related steps.

Enterprise Vault version 12.3.We are currently upgrading from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 and now ready to start migrating mailboxes.Before mailboxes can be migrated I need configure Enterprise Vault for the new Exchange 2016 servers and am checki...

philt by Level 5
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Resolved! Archive items age

hi everyone,In my company sometimes we need to back for emails that ages more than 3 years, but the EV policies setted the deletion process to be after 3 years, I checked the administration console and I can untick "delet expired items" option for a ...

Remah by Level 3
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