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Allocation unit size for Index and Vault stores disks

Hello, Does anybody could advise what's the best practice and how we need to format the disks on EV for Exchange environment? What's the size can be of allocation unit size for EV servers - Index, Vault store partitions and etc.? Our EV environment...

Resolved! EV 10 File Server properties Netapp change parameter issue

When I try to change some items on File Server Properties of a Netapp File Server, in the Netapp Tab, I have the following message : "Failed to save or update details for File Server "\\xxxx" in the Directory Service. A datatype conversion error was ...

cgaube by Level 3
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Resolved! Unable to access placeholders from file share of EMC Celerra

Hi, We have installed and Configured Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 on Windows 2012 R2. EV is configured to archive the files from the file server (EMC Celerra). We are successfully able to archive and the placeholders are getting created but we get diff...

Shriiyer by Level 3
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Resolved! EV11 archive Exchange Online

Hi, We have a customer that want to migrate the actual internal infrastructure to Exchange online so in an outside email system. He ask me if after the email migration they can use the actual internal EV to archive Exchange Online. So, is it possib...

superf by Level 4
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Resolved! Other Items Moved To Mailbox

Hi all, I've been doing some PST imports in EV archives and I can't for the life of me figure out what one of the lines below refers to. I've looked in the Admin guide, EV 10 resources but I can't see the answer to my question It's the Other Items M...

Resolved! Disable EV 11 search banner

I have just upgrde to EV 11. After the upgrade there were 2 issues that stood out. First, when I go to what was archive explorer there is a banner at the top that says "Enterprise Vault Search" when you click on the banner it displays documentation a...

Resolved! Disabling vaulting question

Before we delete a mailbox (and AD account) we usually disable the mailbox from vaulting. Is this necessary? What happens if a a mailbox and AD account are deleted without disabling the vaulting first? Hope someone can answer this!  

Resolved! Enterprise vault mailbox storage growing

Hello everyone, My environment is Currently running ev 10.04. Users  mailbox are allocated by quota from the administration console. We use windows backup for our enterprise vault together with a a prebackup and postbackup script after archiving. ...

T2 by Level 3
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Resolved! Effect of very large number of shortcut characters

Hi   Could someone please explain what the effect of configuring a very high number of shortcut characters would be in terms of space usage on Exchange and EV?   If I have a shortcut character number of 10,000, EV would still go through the archi...

Cb2003 by Level 2
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Resolved! EV11 w3wp memory issues

We've seen memory leaks in v9 and again in v10, both of which were addressed by hotfixes.  Now I'm seeing the same type symptom on my EV11 servers.  Is anyone else seeing memory management issues on  the EV servers, primarily mailbox archiving and ha...

WiTSend by Level 6
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Resolved! MSMQ A1 with 10k items and no Task

Hi  I am running EV 10.0.4 on a 2008 R2 I have a A1 MSMQ for an exhange 2003 server with close to 10.000 items but the Archiving task has been deleted, what to do ?    

JesperBerth by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 11 mail archiving for Domino v9

Dear All, EV11 and EVDG have been installed in the same box. The SSO has been enabled but when the Notes client trigger the Enterprise Vault Search from the menu, then it will show the login page   Is there any solution to allow the DWA to retrei...

tonywu_ingram by Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10 SQL server crashed

I have EV10 running and SQL 2008 on a virtual server (VMWare). My SQL server crashed and when rebooting into safe mode I can see it hangs on CLASSPNP.SYS.   My Question:    Can I do the following:  1. rebuild a new virtual Machine with the same...

NJCRU by Level 3
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EV 10.0.4 OWA configuration troubles

We have recently upgraded to Exchange 2010 and have upgraded to Enterprise Vault 10.0.4.  I am having some troubles with OWA and what the appropriate settings should be in my desktop policy and owa web.config in general.  I think I've read half the f...

SynchInMigrationMode 2 Create new Archive and link to old

A customer with ~20,000 mbx,  has a major project to migrate Exchange 2010 to 2013, upgrade EV from 9 to 10 for Exch2013 compatibility, and migrate the 6 server EV farm to fresh hardware. As part of this exercise we would like to re-organise the vau...

Trafford by Level 4
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Resolved! Archive bit on Legato incremental backup

Hey guys, I just started to support a new EV environment. Unfortunaley I find a huge backlog of savesets during the week. It looks like that only the full backup on the weekend successfully sets the archive bit. When the incremental backup is execut...

woelki by Level 4
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Resolved! Export Archive wizard missing

I want to export a vaulted mailbox, but when I right-click 'Archives' and choose 'Export...', I get an error saying: Unable to Launch Export Archive Wizard (ExportArchiveWizard.exe) Reason: The system cannot find the path specified.   So my quest...