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Resolved! How can I find out which holds people are on?

I'm unfamiliar with Discovery Accelerator, typically this is software we let Legal use to manage litigation holds.   I deleted about 5 vaults, and noticed that they aren't being removed. I checked the Eventvwr and I see   Following archive could ...

tfoster by Level 4
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Resolved! Data Domain as Secondary Storage/Backup

We are running EV 10.0.4 with about 1000 archives. There are 7 partition that total to about 6.5TB. The backups take forever. We are wanting to use Data Domain as our backup having EV write to both primary and secondary storage. How would I set that ...

Resolved! Migrating to Office 365 - vault suggestions

Hello,   I am looking for some advice. We are currently on Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP5 running on Windows Server 2003. Our Exchange level is 2003 as is the domain level.   We are planning to migrate to Office 365 in the near future and have been t...

EV 9.05 to EV 10.4 Sharepoint Questions

We are planning a EV Sharepoint upgrade from 9.05 to 10.04.  The upgrade instructions as per page 121 of the upgrade instruction guide  If you upgrade from a Enterprise Vault version earlier than 10.0.2, all the SharePoint policy rules that you had...

aschnarrs by Level 4
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Mailbox with +50000 shortcuts does not archive

Hi,  I have several user that stoping archiving after a few test (, I came to the conclusion that all this user have lots of shortcuts in the mailbox. after a remove this shortcuts the archiving tasks started arching again.   ...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! EVSVR - extract multiple files in batch mode

Hi EV 9.0.2 I need to use EVSVR to extract 1000s of files. e.g. evsvr interactive ds 1B12861C18E81BC4DAF1E6A2602E0ECBF1110000vaultamericas 201408168190507~201408160406260000~Z~71512988DF16F834B22D4E4BDA47F0B1 -o D:\temp ds 1A37922FFA291944...

goatboy by Level 6
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Resolved! Journal archive search for end users

I am looking for a solution to allow end users to search journal archives.Searches would have to be restricted to messages sent/received by them.   Is there a way to do this within the EV product? Or does anyone know of a good 3rd party appliction/...

EVKydd by Level 4
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Resolved! Schedule a Enterprise vault client syncronisation

Hi. We have a number of users experiencing slow vault performance while the the client is syncronising the vault, naturaly.   Is there a way to start a client syncronisation via the windows task scheduler so the syncronisation runs overnight ? ...

Resolved! EV Storage Block Size and Exchange 2013

We are in the early stages of design a new Exchange 2013 environment.  The recommended block size on the storage for Exchange is now 32KB however we run a massive EV environment where any item over 14 days is archived and stubbed in the users mailbox...

gareth_dj by Not applicable
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Resolved! Shortcuts missing from users mailboxes

Hi, Anyone got an idea why all shortcuts are suddenly missing from several users mailboxes? The mailbox policy is configured to delete shortcuts after 6 months and its been working like this for years. Thanks.

nils35 by Level 4
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Resolved! EV - Onsite and Cloud

I am looking at EV and want to initially use it onsite, to archive users mailboxes. I intend on moving all of this into the cloud, but want to "dip my toe" so to speak with the environment. Can I mix onsite and cloud storage? For example, could I ...

Resolved! DCOM errors

Going through my event logs and noticed the following event. I tracked this down to the StorageManagement service under Component Services. Since this is requesting permissions for the anonymous login I'd like to be sure that this needed. Any thought...

Resolved! Removing an unused 'Ready' partition

Hi, In EV9 I have 2 unused partitions in a 'Ready' state that I'd like to remove, I can't find any documentation is it simply a case of right-click delete in the VAC? Thanks,

Elio_C by Level 6
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Outlook Addin Not Enabling

I have a user on one computer that has an issue with the EV11 Outlook addin (CU1) enabling properly.  He is enabled for EV, can access the web interface just fine, and can access his vault store and see the EV ribbon in Outlook 2010 on another comput...

EV11 and BE2014 Tape Vault

Hi all, Recently we have purchased Enterprise vault 11. We are currently trying to work out “what make it tick”. So far so good. Now, I would like to be able to integrate it with Backup Exec 2014, which we already own. We need to keep most of our ...

BEI by Level 5
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