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Enterprise Vault - Your Search Request Failed

Hi All, We are having the exact same issue discribed This is the exact issue we having as well someone can assistCurrently having a...

s_niro by Level 3
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*.EML files stuck in the SMTP Holding Folder

Good afternoon,I have an issue.  The emails coming from our Exchange Server and being processed by our SMTP Archiving Task are all getting stuck in the SMTP Holding Folder.  It has enough space and has the correct permissions.  The server and service...

Regarding assign to another region support.

Hi,Please be informed that we log a ev's ticket in veritas portoal and all ticket will pass to India's support. Since we are located in East Asis and may I know how to change our ticket and assign to China or US support?

Y1251 by Level 4
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EV migration to O365?

Hi, this may or maynot be the correct location to post this, apologies if not. We have a legacy Enterprise Vault system for which responsibility has been handed to a new Team. • Enterprise vault consists of 3 servers. o EV01 o EVDA01 o EVSQL01 • All ...

RobBeau by Level 2
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missing index directory.

Hi,I'm running EV ver have an issue with my index location, the entire index directory was deleted more than 8 months ago. We had a third party (outside legal consul) supposedly administrating and monitoring this server. They left it as ...

Unable search item in VV

Hi,Please be inforemd that we have some user said that unable search item in VV and no result return. they also try to search using subject or mail content but also failed. may i know the step of configuretion for search function in VV?

Y1251 by Level 4
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Resolved! Migration domino to Exchange Archive

Dear TeamI hope you are doing good. I am migrating from domino platform to Exchange platformI am using Enterprise vault version 12.0.3 for archiving domino and Exchange platformAll user data migrated from Domino to Exchange using questNow each user h...

ghoda by Level 2
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Mailbox showing up in everyone's Vault Search

Have a situation where a mailbox is showing up in everyone's Enterprise Vault Search.  When you expanded it, two mail folders were visible.  I discovered why, in checking the permissions of those folders in Outlook, someone changed the "Default" perm...

jmarg76 by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 11.0.1 - DCOM errors since May2020 security patches

Hi All,I've got an issue since this weekend when our 16x EV 11.0.1 servers were patched with the May 2020 security patches then rebooted. Now every server is now complaining with Event ID: 29014 issues in the Eventlogs and our users now cannot access...

Resolved! Storage Expiry - 6470 and 6605 event

Hello all We're trying to get Storage Expiry to work. We currently have 1 archive enabled for expiry. Data on Centera, Indexes on W2012, SQL2012 on W2012. Specs for W+SQL are above minimum.  Whenever expiry runs (according to schedule), as soon as it...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Migrate FSA archive/partition to a new Vaultstore

Hi,I have a customer with an FSA Vaultstore on an EMC VNX (CIFS), now they want to buy a Veritas Access Appliance. Access Appliance support CIFS protocol but I have seen we can configure Vaultstore storage type as Veritas Access for this kind of hard...

Resolved! Revert EPVM policy changer

Hello,I need to archive all items in a mailbox, so I create a ini file and run with EPVM. Archive everything. All good.Then I run the provisioning tasks hoping that the mailbox/archive to applied the Archiving Policy and revert the change made with t...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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