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Resolved! SynchInMigrationMode under EV11

Hi, i´ve a question about the SynchInMigrationMode in EV11. We had migrated a user from one exchange server to another in our test-environment. After that, i tried all the EV functions. All worked fine. I´ve never set the SynchInMigrationMode in ...

Restoring email from the Vault using VBA

Hi, I needed to restore selected emails from the Vault and searched the Internet for some time to work out how to do it.  The Symantec API requires you to know ids which are stored as extended MAPI properties and cannot easily be accessed (Redemptio...

PST migration issue

Dar All,   We are facing issues with client driven PST. We are not able to find the attached psts in PST migration wizard or we are not able to attached a browsed PSTs for migration. Has any one faced such kind of issues?   Thanks and Regards, M...

MontoN by Level 5
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Resolved! Missing DVS Files

We are using Enterprise Vault 9.5 for File System Archiving and I have started to find a number of users who are unable to retrieve archived files. Further investigations reveal that the physical DVS file are missing in all cases. The databse entrie...

Link for archived SharePoint 2013 doc does not work

Hello, I have set up SharePoint 2013 Archiving in my test lab, initially with a rule that checks for the column "Archive" being set to yes for certain documents. On the next archive run, documents that match the rule are archived, so its like manual...

Resolved! Recover space on disk after items restored to mailbox

Hello, We're using Enterprise vault 10 for Domino mailbox archiving. We need reclaim some space from the vault store partitions. One of our users has de-archived (restored to his mailbox) some of his items through Lotus notes and want to clean this...

Resolved! EventID: 6651 Storage Deletion Server has failed

We recently upgraded to EV11 from EV10.0.4 - we have three EV servers and on one I am seeing the following 2 errors in the Event Log every 15 minutes: 1. Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Source:        Enterprise Vault Date:          29/0...

Parallel Archiving.

Hello, we are about to include a new entity of users, unfortunately the mailboxes were not newly created but migrated ( this means that they are big and old,....). I created to 2 provisioning groups group1 and group 2. One of them is running every...

Resolved! IMAP Access - Can't access to EV IMAP server

Dear All, The EV IMAP Endpoint has been enabled, but the MS outlook is not able to connect it from client side. I see the port 993 is listening at EV server and I can telnet port 993 from client desktop to EV server. Is there any hint for this con...

tonywu_ingram by Level 5
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Resolved! IMAP Access - SMTP Endpoint

Dear All, Is there anyway to setup for SMTP endpoint for client who doesn't has infrastruction?   The enduser is using IMAP for daily email operation that provided by ISP.   Thanks.   Tony    

tonywu_ingram by Level 5
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Resolved! Import Journal PST via Wizzard not import all Items

We get a new customer and must import their journal in a new EV system. All Journals are exported to PSTs. So far so good we have EV 10.0.4  on WIN2012 and Exchange 2013 we tried to copy the contents of the PSts to the Journal inbox. this is slow...

kai_a by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 10 - Move files

We currently archive users home drives. We want to move x-staff home drives out of EV , is it just a matter of moving the files from EV throguh windows explorer.   Will this remove them from the Vault ?   Thank you    

Resolved! EV Archiving issue after Mailstore Recovery

Dear all, Having archiving issues with Enterprise Vault after Exchange mailstore got corrupted and needed to be recovered. Mailstore is now active again but has a different name. Manually storing and restoring items leaves them in pending status. Op...

EV1 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Virtual Vault, Drag/Drop and "Store" Behaviour

As a follow up to I have now set up a user pilot with Virtual Vault but no Vault Cache. Changes made in the Exchange, Desktop policy, Vault Cache tab: C...

Elio_C by Level 6
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