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Removing Enterprise Vault shortcuts from a mailbox

When preparing for a move of several mailboxes to another Exchange server, we've came accross a nice powershell command to quickly remove all EV-shortcuts from the mailbox to be moved.

GertjanA by Level 6
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E-mails are being archived in "Do Not Archive" set folders

Hi All, In Outlook there are folders which are set to "Do Not Archive" by EVPM or manually. When start archiving manually an item in one of these folders it goes to pending state and some minutes later goes back to original state (IPM.Note). This sh...

TS_NG by Level 3
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Resolved! Warning: failed to process mailbox

Hi Archiving email is working fine in our environment, but one mailbox is getting the warning message. I have tried disabling the mailbox for vault archiving and re-enabling, resetting the vault agent permission on the mailbox. Reset the users outlo...

bd1 by Level 3
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Index server groups - migration strategy

Hi all I am looking to migrate from a single physical EV journaling server (EV 10.04) to a distributed virtual 4 server model, with 2 servers running joural tasks and storage services, and two servers in an index server group.  I'm familiar enough w...

EV 11 Upgrade- EVDatabaseUpgrader failed

Has anyone had an issue with the EVDatabaseUpgrader failing? I am going from 10.4 to 11 and ran the EVDatabaseUpgrader and recieved an event id 41533 event output is belowThe Full log file is attached   EVDatabaseUpgrader failed. Failed to upgrad...

Chris_Burke by Level 3
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Resolved! EV migration from 32 to 64 bit

Dear Folks,     I have a customer EV 9.0.1 environment on 32 bit Window 2003 servers which we are migrating to New H/w 64bit Win2008 R2. There are total 4 servers in One site all with same 32 bit OS/hw: 1) for Email archiving 2) for Journal 3) D...

Anuj_Kr by Level 4
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Resolved! EV Exchange & File Server reporting

I'm running EV9.0.3 to archive our Exchange and Windows File servers.  I'm looking for a report to show statistics about how much data EV is holds, and how much space we are saving I can access monitoring-web-app, though this only shows health info....

mrDavid by Level 4
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Resolved! Nagios Monitoring of EV

HI,   I am looking to get some Nagios Monitoring sorted for our EV solution. The more moitorable variables the merrier for this!   Hoping to start with a list of as much as possible and whittle down to the more pertinent variables for our environ...

DustinM by Level 2
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Collection

Hello, I'm looking for help with the Collection feature. I am running EV 10.0.4 and enabled the collection on my single partition using the recommended Symantec article. Currently there's no full backup being completed yet, so I got an error regar...

zeffy by Level 3
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Resolved! expiry report reporting false items

ev 8 sp3 have an issue where the users expiry report is falsely reporting items that are going to expire, see the attached example. the user has an email that's in a folder with a retention of 15yrs, when you open the email and do properties on it,...

Retention period , Storage expiry best practice

We have the retention category set to do not allow deletion of an item. However we have decommissioned some FSA and intend to do some clean-up of the archive.   Can we change the retention period to allow the deletion of theses archives and the res...

yobole by Level 6
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