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EV- 2216 & 2217 Errors

Good morning, I have a customer who is seeing alot of instances of Event id's 2216 and 2217 in Event Viewer:   2216: Message dispenser will suspend processing for 10 minutes due to a recoverable error  Task: Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for "...

Resolved! uspd_saveset

Hi all, we are trying to delete large numbers of item from EV 10.0.4 on windows 2008 r2 about 110 millions items. All of it are expired by Retention Policy, but deletion process are very slow (about 10 item per second or 110.000.000/864000(10*60sec*6...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault PST Export job [Very Important]

I stuck in trouble that all of exporting PST job was failed. all of exporting jobs Repeatdly failed. ㅠ.ㅠ   So, Question is 1. How many jobs can run at one time? my server : HP DL380 G7, 24GB memory,                 windows server 2008 r2,   Ent...

winapp by Level 3
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EV indexing service not starting on EV 11

Dear All , We have installed EV 11 on Windows server 2012 OR (x64). How ever we are getting following error while starting indexing services. Exchange is targetted for archiving.   An unexpected error has occurred. Error Summary: Indexing Service ...

MontoN by Level 5
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webapp.ini replacement for EV 11?

Hi all, is there an alternate way to change settings for the EV 11 search behavior, like maxsearchresults that I could have added in ev 10 and below. Basically - is there a webapp.ini file for EV 11? I want to change few things - like the fact tha...

FSA Project client acceptance test

Hi, You finished any project on FSA ? I need client acceptance test list. For example: We will use internet links , copy internet link to different folder and try to open it.    or check ev file permissions after archived,it is lost or not?   etc...

K_G by Level 6
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Indexing service not starting after vmware upgrade

Hello all, I want to share this information for all who might geht into the same problem. We have the following constellation: EV 10.xx windows server 2008 R2 vmware 5.5xx After upgrading the vm at vmware level (at the moment I don't know the ex...

Resolved! Question around OWA access and EV 11

Hi All   The EV Search runs on multiple browsers but what about access to EV through an OWA client and multiple browser support   In other words you were advised to use IE to access OWA with previous versions of EV but with EV 11 OWA extensions  ...

EV Sharepoint archiving

Hi everyone. I've just set EV Sharepoint archiving up for the first time. When I set the Sharepoint target up initially I set it to auto-enable site collections in error. This resulted in the creation of more archives than the specific site I wanted ...

Resolved! Backing up EV Closed partitions

Hi, I have a question about EV Backups and Closed partitions. When a partion becomes closed, and the roll-over partion becomes active, all additions during archiving are made to the Active partition. My question is this: When you backup the EV env...

BlueBull by Level 4
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Hi, Can someone let me know what is entitled by the following license? SYMC ENTERPRISE VAULT STORAGE MANAGEMENT ADVANCED EDITION FOR MICROSOFT EXCHANGE 8.0 WIN PER USER STD LIC EXPRESS BAND D I've tried to do the research on internet, but can't fi...

Philip_Li by Not applicable
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Export Archives to original mailboxes

Hello Everybody, I've a doubt about EV feature "Export Archives to original mailboxes". After a partial export, for example: Exported = 10500; Failed = 1; Remaining = 25000 (65%) When I check the failed one and next start a new export to original...

Enry by Level 2
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OU structure redesign in Active Directory

Hi all   I use Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange and I'm using it as Mailbox Archive and Journal. Our internal AD Engieering team asked what effort I expect if they plan to redesign the OU structure in our Active Directory forest. It's only ...