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Resolved! Email recovery from partition after rollover

Hi, This may be something I have missed somewhere, is it possible to extract all the email from a partition rollover if we need to undo the rollover. We are reconfiguring the server to use more efficient disk storage and want to close off the exist...

Resolved! Archiving settings for immediate archiving

All, I am putting together a process for terminated employees.  I would like to include an a complete archive of a mailbox prior to disconnecting it.  What settings are recommended if I wanted to archive all messages no matter what the date of the e...

pjglick by Level 4
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Resolved! Does EV 9 work with MS Exchange 2013?

We are currently running Enterprise Vault Server version 9.0.5 on 32bit Windows 2003 for mail archival of a Microsoft Exchange 2003 server. The users are currently on Office 2010 and version 14.0.7128.5000 of Outlook with the EV Plugin version 9.0.5...

Resolved! Set individual user archive setting...possible?

Hi, Our EV's archiving rules is set to "Archive items when they are older than 90 Days". There was request if it's possible to change the archive setting for individual mailbox (to archive after 180 days), is this possible? Thanks

Evault 9 basket stay in restoring mode

Hi   I start 500 email restore of one user, 90 % restored but now since 3 dayr the 10 % stay in restoring mode   I start a new bascket for a different user, now all stay in restoring status   Can you help me find a solution

Resolved! Decommissioning Exchange servers

Hi all, I'm trying to follow this technote: The problem is that I'm failing already at step 1! When I run this query in SQL: USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory SELECT * FROM Exc...

yarg by Level 4
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Resolved! expiry report

hello, is there any way to run an expiry report for all users, to see whats going to expire, total items, and where its located, i know how to do it as the user logged into outlook, and run it from there. i have run the expiry in report mode with t...

Resolved! EV 10 and Exchange 2010 with SP3 Rollup 6

Hello all, we have actually EV 10.xx in place and want to implement SP3 Rollup 6 for Exchange 2010. Does anybody know if there are any known problems by this constellation? Thanks, Roberto

Resolved! Archiving with delayed shortcut creation

Hi All My customer uses another archiving product that allows them to archive without creating a shortcut at day 0, it then allows them to shortcut these items after 30 days has elapsed. I have been looking in EV11 and i don't see any way i can giv...

Resolved! Bulk Recall retrieve all vaulted data for a particular FSA

I have a requirement for retrieve all vaulted data for a particular FSA. Obviously I have used the script below select av.ArchiveName, sum (sp.OriginalSize)/1024/1024 'Original_Size(MB)' from Saveset ss  inner join  SavesetProperty sp on sp.Saveset...

yobole by Level 6
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Resolved! EV Application server duplexing configuration is possible?

EV Application server duplexing configuration is possible?   Our Company Enterprise vault Sever Configuration is below EV Application Server 1EA , windows 2008 r2,   EV 10.0.4  CU Hotfix 3 applied. EV DB Server 1EA , windows 2008 r2 and HP X9300...

winapp by Level 3
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Resolved! AEFIX Tool

hello, a while back when woorking with symantec i reveived a tool AEFIX, and it worked great, im going to use it now and im getting errors, is this syntax correct. cscript .\EV8ShortcutFolderFixer.vbs '1688DEDEBA0D26F4A981D0C7F7998EA591n10000EV8ser...

Resolved! EnterpriseVault is inaccessible

Please can someone help me. I am not able to connect EV or restore any emails/sync.   the below log is what’s coming up. This happens when on VPN or not.  any suggestions to a fix is appreciated 06/08/2014 11:18:36.276[6812][H]: Log file creat...