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EV Sharepoint archiving

Hi everyone. I've just set EV Sharepoint archiving up for the first time. When I set the Sharepoint target up initially I set it to auto-enable site collections in error. This resulted in the creation of more archives than the specific site I wanted ...

Resolved! Backing up EV Closed partitions

Hi, I have a question about EV Backups and Closed partitions. When a partion becomes closed, and the roll-over partion becomes active, all additions during archiving are made to the Active partition. My question is this: When you backup the EV env...

BlueBull by Level 4
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Hi, Can someone let me know what is entitled by the following license? SYMC ENTERPRISE VAULT STORAGE MANAGEMENT ADVANCED EDITION FOR MICROSOFT EXCHANGE 8.0 WIN PER USER STD LIC EXPRESS BAND D I've tried to do the research on internet, but can't fi...

Philip_Li by Not applicable
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Export Archives to original mailboxes

Hello Everybody, I've a doubt about EV feature "Export Archives to original mailboxes". After a partial export, for example: Exported = 10500; Failed = 1; Remaining = 25000 (65%) When I check the failed one and next start a new export to original...

Enry by Level 2
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OU structure redesign in Active Directory

Hi all   I use Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange and I'm using it as Mailbox Archive and Journal. Our internal AD Engieering team asked what effort I expect if they plan to redesign the OU structure in our Active Directory forest. It's only ...

Resolved! exporting pst fail symtoms, event 6769, 6609

Valut Version : 10.0.4. 1189 EV mail data stored in NAS Storage. And EV Application server use volume by CIFS connection.   We do PST migration from old EV to new EV(new domain). Our EV mail data is so big.  It's about 20TB. Our problem is PST ...

winapp by Level 3
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Resolved! Index migration

hi   i need to migrate several TBs of static index data from W2K3 server with SAN over to W2K8 server with NAS storage. At the moment I am leaning towards robocopy to do the job. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions? As per usual i ...

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 hotfix 3 issue

Hi All, I haved upgraded my EV from v10.0.1.1171 to v10.0.4.1189 successfully, but when I tried to install 10.0.4 hotfix, I got the following error "This hotfix is not compatable with Enterprise Vault" could you help me? thanks.  

A_W by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault "Administration Console" version

hello all, I just install Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 Cumulative Hotfix 3 in my EV server and find the version of  Administration Console is "" , and I have a Windows 7 x64 pro. computer installed EV Administration Console ONLY, I also instal...

A_W by Level 4
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EV10 custom role - deny deletion of archives

Hello all, I wonder if someone here has designed a custom role being like Exchange Administrator or Power administrator, but has removed the ability to delete archives. If anyone has, can you share your configuration? I probably can figure it out m...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! File Archiving Strategy

All, We currently have EV Version 10 and next year we plan to ugprade to version 11.  Right now we are only using EV for Email archiving, however I am proposing we take a really hard look at file archiving as well. Our fleet is about 75% Windows an...

Resolved! EV 11 Office Mail App: Deploying to AD Security Group

Hello, In the Setting up Exchange Server Archiving guide for EV11 there are examples for deploying Office Mail App to individual users, OUs and the Whole Exchange Organization. What would the script look like to deploy Office Mail App to an AD secu...

Resolved! Best method to upgrade a version 9 install.

Hello everyone,  I'm hoping to get some input on an upgrade project that I'm working on. Here is the existing setup: Enterprise Vault 9 ~100 Exchange 2010 mailboxes being archived (right around 400GB of data).Running on server 2008 r2Local instal...

Centera Compliance Plus mode and mailbox archiving

Hi Need some advice please. Have an existing Centera in Governance mode which allows end users to delete mailbox archived items themselves. Journaled items are currently deleted via the Storage Expiry process. If we switch over to Compliance Plus ...

goatboy by Level 6
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