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Resolved! EV 11 Sizing Excel

Hi,   Any one has EV 11 sizing excel?   Regards,   Deepak Dikshit.

Dikdi by Level 3
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Resolved! SQL Command Help.

hello, im looking for a command to report on what users archives are set to "do not delete" and "delete" i have this script to actually set the user to "do not delete" UPDATE ArchiveSET DeleteExpiredItems = 0WHERE ArchiveName IN () just need to r...

Error msg XML page cannot be displayed when searching

I have one user who is getting the following error when trying to search their archive. I have run a repair on Outlook (2010), reset the EV client, deleted temp file in IE. Any suggestions appreciated.   The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot vie...

Resolved! Some users cannot start archiving

Hello, I have  different issues about enterprise vault. We are using Enterprise Vault environment. Version is 10.0.4. And exchange version is  2007 Std. Mail archiving is successfully working, we have no problem about that. We are using Backupexec f...

Tunco by Level 3
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 to 11 Upgrade

Hello Community, i have a customer project where we want to upgrade the EV 10.0.3 to the new EV 11 version. We have four EV Server which are using the mailarchiving feature with ex 2010 (Cas Array, DAG) and connected to an SQL Cluster.  Do we need ...

Resolved! Archive Quota

Hello, I'm implementing quotas for EV archives. To do It more easy in the future, I created a new Vault Store and set there the quota. My answer is: IE i set a 2 GB quota in a VS, and I want to move an archive to this new VS and this archive have 4 ...

AG81 by Level 5
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Resolved! Question on SMTP Archiving

  Hi All   I haven’t worked with SMTP archiving before and I have a question   I have a customer that is going to be investing in eDiscovery, they understand all Exchange traffic will be captured through Journaling. But they have an internal ser...

Resolved! EV Bulk Recall

Morning guys  We need to decommission a site (FSA) and recall all EV placeholders for a client site. 1) I would like to know how many placeholders and size of data held in EV for a particular FSA to ensure I have the required space on the client se...

Resolved! Virtual Vault only to appear if user marks check box

This might be a silly question, but I am unable to recall older scenarios...   Say I have a medium environment, and customer only wants to manage one mailbox policy and one desktop policy. Vault cache is enabled, and "Make Virtual Vault available ...

Resolved! Unable to add new domino mail server... why?

Hi, I'm new to domino archiving and am trying to add a new domino mail server to an existing EV 11 environment but it won't add it:   Is there something I need to do first before I'm able to add a new domino mail server?? Sani B.  

Sani_B by Level 6
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EV11 - Get Trained Up

If you haven't had time to catch up on the new EV11 features then the following links will help, we've just published a bunch of useful videos on the Symantec TV Channel, these are not just product feature videos, they’re deeper educational ones whic...

Glenn_Martin by Level 6
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