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Resolved! notes cant manually archive mail on Mac

  EV R1 EVDG 8.5.3FP5 Domino 8.5.3FP5 Mac OSX 10.8.5 Notes 8.5.3FP5 windows environment notes can manually archive and restore mac environment notes cant manually archive,but can manually restore enable client logging on Mac CN=A...

Seifer by Level 3
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Error while enabling user mailbox for archiving

While enabling user for archiving , I am getting following error message. "An error occured enabling the mailbox mbxname . Error: 0xc0040c93 A possible cause could be the location of the file 'mapisvc.inf' or the configuration information it conta...

mb1983 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Which option we choose for upgradtion/migration path

Dear All,   Currently we are running on EV 9.0.3 and on same hardware we are having EV SQL DBs. For next phase, whether we should go for migration of 9.0.3 on 64 bit hardware along with SQL database . or we should go for migration of 9.0.3 on 64 ...

MontoN by Level 5
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Resolved! FSA - .jpg files not archiving

Hello the folder policy is successfully archiving variious file types last week I added a new rule specifically for .jpg files :- folder policy - rules - new rule - .jpg (see attached) I guess I could just add .jpg to an existing rule but wanted...

Resolved! Reinstall Exchange Server (Mailbox Role)

Hi all, I had a problem with an Exchange 2010 Mailbox server that I had to reinstall, I have all mailbox in a DAG environment (3 copies), so I move all the mailbox database to other server, removed the copy from the broken server an reinstall it. No...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Hi Good Day All,   In EV is there any way where i can run or find deduplication stauts like how many files got deduplicate or how much storage it saved. I even do not know whether in my EV deduplication is working or not. Request you to let me kn...

Outlook 2010 freezes while trying to open archive items

Hi All, One of my user is having issue once he open archive items in Outlook. Outlook freezes for arround 10-20minutes and sometimes need to close then re-open outlook. User is having an issue when his mailbox is in Exchange 2003 and EV 8. He still ...

RyanKim by Level 3
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Resolved! Event ID 2776

Everyone, I'm receiving an event error 2776 on my Enterprise Vault server, in a 2010 Exchange environment. The error states: "An exception occurred in routine CArchivingAgent::ProcessUserEx" The following warning event 2270 appears imm...

Resolved! Public Folder Archiving

With public folder archiving, is there a way to copy items into EV without the need for stubbing? Ideally we would just like to move our public folder data into the vault so that it's discoverable if needed

Resolved! Enterprise Vault OWA Extensions in 10.0.4 CHF2

Hello.  I am in the process of upgrading Enterprise Vault from v10.0.3 to v10.0.4 with Cumulative Hotfix 2. We are performing this upgrade for compatibility with Exchange 2013 SP1. I noticed that while Enterprise Vault OWA Extensions are not requir...

Resolved! EV Upgrades

During a revision upgrade of EV for Exchange (Example would be ver 9.0.4 to 9.0.5) would stopping the journaling process at the start of backing up and not have it restart again until after the upgrade be a viable strategy for keeping the watchfile t...

Resolved! Archived mail restore option only available on toolbar.

We are having Enterprise vault installed 10.0.3 and outlook client 2010. Archived mail restore option only available on toolbar not on while right click on archived item. So  not able to restore from searched item.

Jomy by Level 5
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Resolved! Long term backup solution

Hi All,   We have a rather large environment of 110TB+ data. The majority of the data is static and doesnt change. We do snapshots to SAN storage but currently do not have a solution for long term backup.   I heard symantec has a product called A...

EVKydd by Level 4
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