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Resolved! The entire index location and centeracollection folders corrupted - anything I need to know about relocating and rebuilding the indexes and centeracollection from scrats?

Hi, From one of our EV servers a disk that contained indexes and centeracollection folders has corrupted and unfortunately there are no backups of them so I need to create and rebuild indexes to a different new disk location. I found these articles...

Sani_B by Level 6
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Resolved! EV9 - Status - Severe alert - old date

Hello all EV90SP4 - Windows 2008R2 On 28-03-2014, some issue occurred, causing a Severe alert for Exchange Mailbox Synchronization. The alert is still there. Even when running a 'check now', that error does not disappear. The bottom pane shows: T...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Changing domain account for archived enabled mailboxes.

Dear,   We have users enabled for archiving on EV 10.0.4, we have to changes users domain account and re-associate the mailbox to the new account. How about EV, do we need to make any changes so that archiving for the users are not affected after ...

Resolved! Can't get to own EV

Ok guys, girls and anything else out there. Situation newly upgraded EV 9 to 10.0.4 with cumulative update 2. Everyone works except the few execs and directors ( of course them) that have office 365 accounts. Their laptops are running 8.1 and are...

Resolved! Re-enabling archiving for moved mailboxes.

Dear's,   We have a single EV 10 server which tragets both exchange 2007 and exchange 2013 servers. Few mailboxes of exchange 2007 which were enabled for archiving have been moved to exchange 2013 servers. We want to re-enable archiving on those m...

Resolved! Report to show archiving policies per folder for mailboxes

Hi Guys, Customer has EV 9.02 for Exchange mailbox archiving with an age-based policy set to archive items older than x months.  However they let users customize this per folder via EV properties tab\change button.  So some folders may have a differ...

Fremont by Level 5
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Journal Hasn't Deleted Old Items

Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2, EV  Outlook 2007 SP3 w/EV Outlook add-in Let's see if I can explain my dilemna.  We had a consultant install the server and I explained site retention should be 1 year.  Company policy is ...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 11

Morning  Can someone please assist with infomation on EV 11. Just need to know the G.A version will be released and when will the first patch will out . Thanks also any addtional infomation will be welcome . Thanks  

Gunner by Level 3
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[Sharepoint2013] EV 10.0.4 on SPS2010 to SPS2013

Hello, Actuallty, we've EV 10.0.4 on SPS2010, on 3 collection sites. We plan to migrate to SPS2013. My question is simple : My document'shortcuts will still work on this new SPS farm (of course, EV10.0.4 agent will be installed on SPS2013) : with ...

Resolved! Exchange Archiving Report

Hello, I have a few questions about the Exchange Archiving Report. 1. Future Eligible Items a. What is the purpose of this column? I have a customer who is concerned that they have a number of users with fairly substantial Future Eligible Items an...

Resolved! CShortcutItem::Display...Return Last Failed error: 0x80004005

I need your help for below issue.   Client system have Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 with Microsoft Outlook 2010.   Issue :- Having problems with identifying a solution. I have reinstalled enterprise vault, cleared temp files, ...

sandeepk by Level 5
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Fsautility take a long time to run

Hello, I have a customer  that want to move  placeholder from one location to another location on same File server. I run the the FSAUTILITY  but it`s take a long of time  FSAUtility.exe -pm -cs -s <source UNC> -d <destination UNC>. we test  the ...

Resolved! Journal Mailbox Set-Up

Hello, I have set-up EV to archive journal mailboxes but not user mailboxes yet.  Is there a way to migrate the items from the journals and keep shotcuts to those items?  or is this only available for the user mailboxes? creating mailbox and journa...

Chad_I by Level 3
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Resolved! EV Move between sites failes

Hi together, i´m trying to move a archive between to EV for Exchange sites. In the old seite from where i start the move is EV 9.02. The destination archive is 10.04. In the first section of the move (copying) the move aborts with the following eve...

Jakob by Level 5
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Recovering files from Netapp

We recently migrated data from a Windows 2003 server to a Netapp Ontap device.  Many of the files are archived.  We tried to use the Snapshot feature to recover a previous version of a folder that had been deleted, which contained archived files.  Af...

margiev by Level 4
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Resolved! Backup Enterprise Vault with Networker

Hello Guru's, Has any one done integration of Enterprise Vault with Networker. What will be the procedure to integrate. We are looking forward to backup both Database and the the Application what will be the best way of doing it. Reffering to this ...