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Resolved! Using EV in a multi-tenant Exchange 2013 environment

Hi all, is it possible to use Enterprise Vault in a a multi-tenant Exchange 2013 environment? I have a very large customer that would like to upgrade to Exchange 2013 and leverage Multi-tenancy offered by this new release (1 Exchange server that serv...

GiorgioF by Level 3
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Resolved! EV Service Account get locked out

  Since I removed the last AD 2003 DC within our environment, EV is unable to connect to the remote SQL server. As soon as I start the EV admin service or run the deployment scanner the service account gets locked out. EV was able to connect to SQL p...

EVRocks by Level 5
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Resolved! Deleting shortcuts in someone elses mailbox

Hi all, I have an Outlook into which I've added others' inboxes to monitor when they are holiday etc I have appropriate Exchange permissions and EV archive permissions look fine - propogated correctly to Ev frm AD When I double click a shortcut in my...

Resolved! WebApp.ini config - mistake or other?

Hi all, I am getting a timeout when searching a Journal using search.asp - not ideal (it's just a one off) When I launch search.asp and use the drop down to target the search I see one target - Journal I have the appropriate Technet to detail those w...

EV remove archive with dvs files

Hi I have EV 9.0.2, and two partitions, VSTORE1 and VARCH VARCH contains archives for disabled users or users who don't work in our company anymore.  So now I need to remove those archives from VARCH to create more free space on this partition.  I re...

Remek by Level 4
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Resolved! Huge write to disk from ev$xxxx.tmp file

Hey,   has anyone else seen this - i have for the last week have huge write b\sec on disk where temp\tmp files been written to. In excess of 50,000,000.   we have 1 EV server on a physical box all local storage Windows 2008 R 2 EV I have...

Resolved! Welcome message send-as/reply-to

Hi All,   Does anyone know of a way to change the reply-tp address of the welcome message for EV?   Version is 10.0.4 if that is applicable.   Cheers

benjus10 by Level 3
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Resolved! EVault API - Journal messages

Hello, I would like to know - if EV simple api (" http:// <vaultProxyUrl>?VaultID=&SaveSetID=")  can return message in EML format for journal messages?   Thanks

Resolved! FSA 9.0.3 Migrating SQL to New Server

Hi we need to migrate from the existing server to a new server that will have a different OS and version of SQL potentially. I have see TECH35744 that talks about moving SQL but is this just for EV for Exchange or does it cover FSA as well? Also we a...

Resolved! EV and Microsoft MRM

Hi all, can someone offer a quick peer review of the following scenario please?   I have had someone relay the following scenario to me: We are having an issue with EV not archiving subfolders where Exchange 2010 has an MRM policy applied to the mail...

Resolved! Moving archives

Hi all, We're currently running EV 9.0.4 on Windows 2008. I've moved 41 archives (mailboxes) from one Vault Store to another and then (for several reasons) back again to their original location. The first move finished perfect. No errors. I deleted t...

Resolved! Deployment scanner and DCOM

Greetings all,   I am trying to install EV on Win Srv 2012 and the Deployment scanner keeps on reporting that  Both DCOM and Windows Firewall are enabled on your system. To ensure that you have correctly configured Windows Firewall to work with DCOM,...

Resolved! Vault Store for FSA

We are running evault 9.0.2 for exchange archiving and planning on implementing FSA for a small number of our heavy users. I just have a question on the Vault Stores. We already have 2 for the Mailbox and Journal stores. Is it necessary or recommende...

sheldog by Level 2
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10 on server 2012

Hi All, Quick question: does the EV  10 planned to be supported on 2012 server platform or is it only will be possible for the EV 11 version. I have couple of upgrades planned and I am wandering should I wait for the 2012 support,   Thanks

Anna_Bool by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault User permissions

Hi,   Does anybody know of a script or tool which can run through each archive and export permissions to a csv/txt/xls file? For e.g. three users have access to an archive.  I can see this in the VAC by opening the properties of the archive and click...

2003 Public Folder archived items count

Hi all, As part of a fact finding mission and with the prospect of just general requests from managers I need to find a way of doing a live count of archived messages in a public folder directory. We currently have Exchange 2003 for the Public Folder...

Resolved! SQL query required

hi   this KB details how to find the index item count if the EV directory DB is on the same SQL server as EV Vault store   I need to know the Query if the vault stores are on...

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! Ran EVPM not as vault service account

Hi, I just ran the EVPM script to zap a mailbox and I forgot to run the script as the vault service account.  I am logged on with my domain account.  I am a Power Admin in EV, an Exchange Admin, and a local admin on the vault server.  When I ran the ...