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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10 on server 2012

Hi All, Quick question: does the EV  10 planned to be supported on 2012 server platform or is it only will be possible for the EV 11 version. I have couple of upgrades planned and I am wandering should I wait for the 2012 support,   Thanks

Anna_Bool by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault User permissions

Hi,   Does anybody know of a script or tool which can run through each archive and export permissions to a csv/txt/xls file? For e.g. three users have access to an archive.  I can see this in the VAC by opening the properties of the archive and click...

2003 Public Folder archived items count

Hi all, As part of a fact finding mission and with the prospect of just general requests from managers I need to find a way of doing a live count of archived messages in a public folder directory. We currently have Exchange 2003 for the Public Folder...

Resolved! SQL query required

hi   this KB details how to find the index item count if the EV directory DB is on the same SQL server as EV Vault store   I need to know the Query if the vault stores are on...

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! Ran EVPM not as vault service account

Hi, I just ran the EVPM script to zap a mailbox and I forgot to run the script as the vault service account.  I am logged on with my domain account.  I am a Power Admin in EV, an Exchange Admin, and a local admin on the vault server.  When I ran the ...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Client caching

EV v9.0.4.1097 EV Client v9.0.17486 Is it possible to set the Enterprise Vault Outlook (2010) Desktop Policy so that the client caches the user's archive with settings that WE (in IT) define, without the end users being prompted when they next launch...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault older versions

Hi All, Can anyone share with me a link for 9.0.2 and 8.0.4 enterprise vault installations. Having some issues with those versions that are has to be tested in a lab environment.   Thanks a lot, Anna

Anna_Bool by Level 4
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Resolved! Relocating Vault Store to new server

So I have the tech article that explains how to move a Vault Store to another server: At the end of the article, it mentions that if you are using "Include Link to archived item...

MKimler by Level 3
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Resolved! PST import failures

Hi, We have EV10.0.1 on 2008 R2. We are trying to migrate PSTs in for users who were on an external domain/exchnage. They have been migrated in to our Exchange 2010 environment and have mailboxes and Vault archives. Some of the users have gone throug...

Resolved! no hidden message found

Hi Guys, I installed EV 10.0.4 R1 CHF2 for Exchange Mailbox archiving.  Archivng is working but OWA is not showing attachments.  When I tried to check the outlook settings (ctrl+shift+EV button), I am getting "no hidden message found" (see attachment...

Fremont by Level 5
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Resolved! Storage Expiry Per exchange mailbox archive

Hi, Is it possible to change expired item from will be deleted to will not be deleted. I mean  not manualy by Exchange Mailbox>> archive name>> Advanced >> and uncheck  delete expired item from this item Ronen

Resolved! Import PST Limited

Hello to all.   Can someone confirm if there is a limit of PST? I have a 25gb PST file that i have to import to EV server.   Thanks.

MaxMad by Level 3
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Resolved! Is there EV SQL databases description somewhere?

It seems knowledge of the EV SQL DBs structure is very useful in lot of cases. Is it described somewhere? For instance I need now to figure out what's going on with archived items deletion. I've found out JournalDelete table contains information abou...

Ralfeus by Level 4
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Resolved! copy vault contents?

We have a new iT guy and hes of no use right now. I can search the Desktop and see the first few lines of emails I sent or received but, that's all. How do I restore the actual email? Also, is it possible to copy the vault to another computer?

Resolved! Enterprise Vault, stubs and missing items

Hi, I'm very new to Enterprise Vault ( and was looking for a sanity check before I deliver some bad news to a user. Situation is: User opens a mail message from within outloook that has been archived.  The attachment looks like is there, h...

Copying File Archiving with out restoring

Hi, I am trying to copy large size of archived files from the source to another destination but without actually restoring the files from the original location. I have done some testing using FSAUtility command with the restore parameters but these p...

EVRocks by Level 5
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