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Resolved! FSA Archiving Question

Hi, Just want to check if FSA can archive a folder is EV Service account doesn't have explicit access permission on files and fodler level?  Service account is local administrator though. But some fodlers has unique permissions and EVSVC doesn't have...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise vault domino journaling query

Hi All, I have below two queries related to EV domino journaling. 1. Is there any recommendation from Symantec on whether to use a mail-in database or the standard domino mail journal database for domino journaling before settiing up EV journal archi...

EV_install.nsf modifications on Mailtemplates ?????

Hello together,   we´re using EV 9.0.4 for Domino but i need more detailed informations about the modification process during the "EV_install.nsf-process" Which modifications are done? Is there any other who use teammailboxes based on OpenNTF Ver. 3....

Heino by Level 3
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Resolved! Indexing location volume and Index Exclusions

Our EV environment is based on EV 10.0.4, Exchange 2007 SP3 with complete SAN storage based. Archiving run take place each night and backup take place after that. The open index location drive volume had 23GB space on Tuesday and this 23GB space was ...

EVRocks by Level 5
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Resolved! Migration from Exchange 2003 to 2010

Hi We are in the process of migrating from Exchange 2003 and 2010 and for current environment we are using enterprise vault 9.0.4. Can you tell me what are the steps that i need to perform to make sure users should be able to access his archive E-mai...

Resolved! Retention and Expiry questions

Hello I have a couple of really quite questions about the Retention in EV Basically about 2 years ago we started an EV project and we were told to get it in and retain all information forever. now 2 years on the reality of that decision has hit home ...

Resolved! Migration using NBU when tapes may not be available

Hi, IHAC who is wanting to use the collect/migrate feature of EV with NBU. They want to implement this in such a way that the tapes will not be available automatically in NBU. Is this a supported configuration? What can we expect to see with this con...

Ben_Shorehill by Level 4
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Resolved! migrating Enterprise Vault Servers version 8

Hey Does any one know if it is possible to use the same way to migrating Enterprise Vault Servers to 64-bit hardware for version 8 sp5 like it is for version 9 Technote for Migrating Enterprise Vault Servers to 64-bit hardware version 9

mias by Level 4
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EV - File Blocking with NetApp Filer

I have an EV 10.0.4 installation which is primarily Exchange Archiving (mailbox and Journal), and I am introducing File Blocking for a NetApp filer. I have FSA licensed, and have a 'proxy' server installed (W2K8R2). I defined the proxy server as a fi...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! Weird AE behaviour

Hi all, I have been presented with the following scenario - is this a bug, or perhaps a setting I've not configured correctly? Scenario: User C has permission granted to both User A and User B's archive User C logs onto a  workstation with both User ...

Resolved! Archive Account does not disaply

I have an archive account which archiving status has been disabled but for some reason EV does not display this account within EV management console. However, the account does display in EV Directory SQL table when I run sql script and it does show t...

EVRocks by Level 5
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Resolved! User cannot see archive folders in AE

Hi, would somebody point me in a direction I have a user unable to see in AE, folders that are in their Outlook. Previously I've resolved similar cases as Parent Root Identity related, and resolved accordingly This particular example is not this scen...

Resolved! EnableMailboxMessage when automatically enable set

hi,   I need to know how and where to set EnableMailboxMessage  to deliver to new enterprise vault enabled users. if i enable mailbox for archiving manually the welcome mail is going to users. need to know whether enabling automatically using the tas...

Resolved! Consolidating multiple VaultStore into single LUN ?

Hi All, In my current situation, I have multiple NTFS LUN presented to my EV 9 Virtual Machine. Going forward, due to the Windows Drive letter limitation, I'm thinking to consolidate the 20x VaultStore with each size around 1 TB into one single CIFS ...

Resolved! EWS API with Powershell

I've installed the EWS API and I want to use it with Powershell...I've taken a sample code that works in VBScript for simple downloading an email from teh store and saving as a .MSG file.  This works fine in VBScript, but when I run it in powershell ...

Resolved! Unable to Rebuild or Repair a failing index

Hi All, Environment: EV 9.0.2 running on Server 2008 R2 Standard. Problem Descrition: I have come across a small number of indexes which are refusing to rebuild and repair in my current EV environment. To briefly explain, we had a number of failed in...

H_PHX by Level 3
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Resolved! Storage service is not starting after upgrade

hey I have upgrade my ev server from 7,5 to 8 sp5 and now the storage service will not start, the problem is that the upgrade is trying up upgrade an vault store located on a ev server that is no longer existing. And I not available to delete the o...

mias by Level 4
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Resolved! Migrate From SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012

HI, We are using Enterprise Vault 8.0.5 and I've been tasked with moving the databases from where they currently run, a physical Win 2003 box running SQL Server 2005 to a virtual server running Win 2012 and SQL Server 2012. Does anyone know if there ...