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Resolved! Archive Permission

I need to find permissions that where added to an archive via the EV management console. I have over 20k archives so using permissionbrowser.exe is not an option. Anyone have a utility or sql script that can help me out?

Resolved! supported outlook add-in

Hey I'm started to install some new outlook add-ins but is there any comparability chart of the clients I can install that there is support I running 7.5 which I upgraded to 10 in the near future but can I install 8.9 or 10 client and will it still w...

mias by Level 4
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cache folder location

Dear, My users are facing credential prompt while synchronization of vault cahe, it was everything fine before 1 week but suddenly this issue has occured. On EV server I found that everyone group is added under security tab on cache folder location, ...

Resolved! Archived item metadata

Hi Can any metadata be amended on archived emails in Virtual Vault? eg can, for example, the message class be changed by any third party API plug-in? My feeling is that it can't and attempts to change the message class in my lab has always returned a...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! EV FSA with EMC Celera - cannot create shortcut

Any ideas what the following is complaining about?  This is an EV 10.0.4 FSA targetting EMC Celera filer.  All the pre-reqs were done successfully, server added.  I am able to archive (can see the items when I search the archive) but it is failing to...

Fremont by Level 5
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Resolved! Sanity check a long running EVSVR report

Hi everyone, I know an EVSVR running with the [below] config will 'take as long as it takes' Large storage, with the wide scope config = big task Thing is, this report has been running for 4 weeks The .log file date modified is incrementing, and the ...

Resolved! EV 10 sp3 and Mac OSX 10.9

hi i know OSX 10.9 is yet compatible with enterprise vault but has anyone tried to see if the EV helper for mac OSX works on 10.9? i have just purchased some new mac laptops and they will come with 10.9 and i was hoping not having to downgrade them t...

elbutre by Level 4
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Resolved! Forcing Block Size write to Centera

    Hi All EV 10 sp2 I have an interesting request from a customer and EMC The customer is busy with a Centera refresh project and they want to know if EV can be configured to write to the Centera in 256 K blocks. I  can't find definitive information...

EV 10.0.2 administration

Hello, I am having an issue with Enterprise Vault while delegating users the EV roles e.g. PST Administrator, it says cannot connect to the Directory server via the EV Administrator Console unless you are a local administrator. I have EV 10.0.2 on OS...

FSA placeholder migration problem

Hi EV9.0.2 Trying to do a placeholder migration: FSAUtility.exe -pm -s \\server1\share -d \\server2\share  -l 0 The intial migration failed right at the beginning, but the log shows it moved the archive point from server1 to server 2 (no placeholders...

goatboy by Level 6
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EV and NTFS compression

Hi! I use FSA to archive Windows 2008 R2 File Server, the problem is when i perfrorm retrival from EV archive there is no compression attribute, that was before, so my files become uncompressed and use more space. Is there a way how could i preserv c...

Alex_Zn by Level 6
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Enterprise Vault

Hi All , I have to configured a EV backups into my backup environment , but I am not familiar with the EV architecture  and how its connected with the NBU . Please route me the technical docs which I can refer so that I can implement the EV backup in...

RohitNayal by Level 5
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Archive Explorer – Multiple Archives

I have been getting these queries quiet sometime. Need help with this. There is a user say X and he can see multiple mailboxes in his archive explorer. I understand that X user has access to those mailboxes that is the reason he could see those in th...

Resolved! EV 6.0 recall public folder archived items

Hi All, Currently we wanted to migrate all the public folder archives out from EV back to the public folder. May I know what is the best way to recall alot of public folder items rapidly? I've tried exporting out to PST but it is not possible. Any ad...

EV 6.0 file archive recall issue

Hi All,   Currently I'm facing a weird behavior when I recall file archives back to the file server. We are trying to restore all the archives before migration to the new File server. We use a copying program (which function like Robocopy) to copy th...