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Resolved! Search and destroy

We have EV till the end of July  and then 12.4I was asked for GDPA reason if it is possible to have an automatic search and destroy from an archive. I now how to do it in my search page but they want to have it automated.The only access my u...

Resolved! EVPM Script

In my ev environment I have an  EVPM script  which for 3500 Mailboxes creates a do not archive folder.Now I was asked to do this for 13500 mailboxes.I would like to know if it would scale to so many mailboxes or if I would run in a time-outT...

Resolved! Find - Which retention does an archive has?

Hello all, I have an environment which is old (11.0.1CHF5) and static. Most configuration information is removed from EV. The databases are available. Services are running, sometime a DA search is done. I need to find out which archive has which rete...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Migrate Enterprise Vault from old domain to new domain

Dear Experts,I need your suggest and expert advise on the below.We are planning to migrate existing EV setup from one domain/forest to another domain/forest. Existing Setup:  EV 12.2 / Windows 2012 R2 / Two node VCS 7.3 / SQL 2016 / Exchange 2013    ...

Undo "Marked for deletion"?

Hello!A customer accidently deleted some archives. They are still there but in the "Marked for Deletion" State. He immediately stopped all the services and asked us for advice. If i start the Directory Service and leave the Storage Service Offline, i...

vmds by Level 5
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Placeholders Files and thier Sizes and How Many

Got a question about placeholder files. Is there anyway to find out on how many have been created on a target server and to find out their sizes and how much space they have consumed or saved. If we had to do a bulk recall would their be enough disk ...

Resolved! Failed .eml files

Hello,I have a large number of failed .EML SMTP items to re-run but moving them folder by folder manually to an upcoming folderfor processing will take days since it is every minute for 3 days, does anyone by chance have a robocopy or xcopy script th...

trpe71 by Level 4
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Email archive for Mac OS user

HI,Please be informed that our environment is we have email archiving (running EV 12.3) server archive MS exchange mailbox. Most our user is using MS Outlook 2016, and the VV will show in their Outlook to check the archive emails. The archive rule as...

Y1251 by Level 4
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Input around SQL Queries

Hi AllBCS support offers some excellent analysis on a customers environment. I was wondering what would be the SQL queries or most effective tables in SQL  to get the information below. Some of these I already know but is there a report that covers t...

Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 upgrade to 12.4

Dear All,My current Enterprise Vault Settings:2EV server- EV 11.0.1 ( on Windows 2008 R2 Cluster)1DA Server - DA 11.0.1 (on Windows 2008 r2 )2SQL server ( SQL 2008 R2, on Windows 2008 R2 Cluster)We plan to upgrade EV, DA and Sql server to the follwoi...

A_W by Level 4
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Resolved! PoisonPillCount, Available in EV 11 and EV 12?

Hello,I´m helping in a case in which a lot of savesets were lost and recent backups do not exist. I know EVSVR is the way to go to get rid of SQL DB entries pointing to missing items, but somehow, they expect to do searches now and come with a strate...

change FSA retention for expiry?

want to enable expiry but need to change retention first for FSA folder. folder does not have own archive, all subfolder use top we need to restore with fsautily and rearchive with retention folder? or new archive point? or apply retention...

VersEV1 by Level 4
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Archive email save as msg

Hello,I've problem with user store her email on file server without unarchive.If another user want to open this email he have message prompt : "This item is being restored by Enterprise Vault, Click here to view the original item".But user cannot vie...

aborel by Level 2
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EV search query problem

Dear Experts!Our customer is using EV 12.04 with FSA archiving.Archiving task is completed, but if we want to browsethe search ui on the admin console interface we got the following error:- Cannot make a search queryThe same error occured with the In...

paulo7 by Level 4
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EV 12.2 mailbox archiving task fails tor Exchange 2016

We recently migrated EV from 11 to 12.2.3.  At the time, we were archiving Exchange 2010, and were still able to after the EV upgrade.  Shortly after the EV upgrade, we migrated from Exchange 2010 to 2016.  Since then we've never been able to get Mai...