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Archiving Office 365 with Enterprise Vault 12.4

Hi,We're working on a scenario to archive O365 mails into individual archives for users.This is our scenario:a) 365 accounts use multiple suffix' and mycomp365.comb)Ev is installed in mycomp.local domain.c)We have a manual target(SMTP M...


Urgent help needed on "do not archive"

Hello,I hope you can help me with this  GDPR ProblemI have a user , he has in his mailbox ( Exchange 2016) a folder wit the EV permissions set via EVPM to do not archive ( controlled with a outlook add-in).Even though the Ev folder properties tell me...

Delete empty folder from Vault Search.

I want for 1 user to delete 1 emtpy folder in the search page.Is there a way to do it without using the registry key ? I can afford to let this run I have few thousand users per server ( it would kill my machine).When I try to do it in the web interf...

Storage Queue location with EV12 Building Blocks

Hi all Can someone please clarify whether the SQ location needs to be the same path on each EV server pointing to the same volume or if the path needs to be unique for each EV server but using a shared volume? for example - if I have a shared volume ...

CadenL by Level 6
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Message Queue - Public Folder P5

Hi guys,we currently have a few million messages stuck in the P5 queue. So far we were not able to get this number down.Any ideas where to start? Support ticket is open as well but so far we did not get a solution. Thanks!

expiry data

we have requirement delete data from ev that 2012 and older. what is best way?? both email and fsa

VersEV1 by Level 4
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EV Audit query question

Hi All,I have stucked in the middle of situation as described below,I'm planning have results of "who & which" deletetion action taken in EV Archiving,Example result which i want to get result of : yyyy archive point deleted by Aaaa user.Query i trie...


Exchange Mailbox Archive Information

We have numerous Exchange Mailbox Archives that the AD account and Exchange mailbox were removed.I would like to remove those archives, if all items have reached the retention period.I don't have the abiltity to determine what retention policy was ap...

Dan_A1 by Level 4
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Resolved! Searchfoldermanager Error 80070005

We are using Enterprise Vault 12.4 and we get error 80070005 on every mailbox we try with searchfoldermanager.exeWe need the searchfolder, because the mailboxes are way to big right now.I also tried the powershell script from the installation directo...

Thraexa by Level 2
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GENERATION in [PSTCHECKPOINT] not filled in new .ini file

Hi everyone, when running a evpm script for pst migration in report / process mode EV is creating a new .ini file which contains details about files already processed and so on. This newly created .._1.ini contains a [PSTCHECKPOINT] section with deta...

Marcde by Moderator
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Error importing PST - An exception occurred in routine

We have just upgraded to EV 12.4.1, and we encountered the following errors when trying to trying to import a PSTAn exception occurred in routineGetExchangeServerValuesFor more information, see Help and Support Center at

Resolved! SQL Query for retention categories

HiIs there a way within SQL to change the retention period of a group of archives by manually changing the Retention Catagory ID?Storage expiry is currently off but we currently we have a 7 year retention category for all the archives (about 5000) an...

CadenL by Level 6
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Automatic Deletion of Mailbox Archive

Should user mailbox archives be automatically deleted when they reach the retention period?I am looking at a former employees archive and the user was in a 1 year retention group.If I look at the properties of the archive, the oldest archived item is...

Dan_A1 by Level 4
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Resolved! EVPM [0x8004011D]

Situation. I'm trying to ZAP acounts due to multiple duplicate archives being created for some users. I've follow the directions so far but I'm getting the following:Creating privileged MAPI session ...Parsing input file: F:\zap.iniProcessing input f...

TJensen by Level 4
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Enterprise Vault + Office 365 Webcast: Tues Sep 17

Join us on Tuesday September 17 at 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT for a 30-minute webcast to learn about key considerations surrounding the analysis, preservation, and data discovery for Office 365 – and why a Veritas Enterprise Vault solution plays a cr...

bjvincent by Moderator
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