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Synchronization Failure

EV Client is 10.0.3 Outlook 2010 Exchange 2007 environment.   I've run into an issue where one of my users can't access his virtual vault. When looking at the Sync dialogue, I'm getting a "Synchronization failed" error in the header sync field. The u...

Need help with PST imports from EV9 to EV10

Hope you can assist with some PST import issues. I do have a call logged with Symantec Case 05303194 One of my clients moved away from a Hosted Shared environment to their own dedicated environment. This will Include : Exchange 2010 Enterprise  Vault...

NJCRU by Level 3
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Resolved! Unable to restore many items using EV Outlook Addin

I restored a number of mails archived in the EV using the EV Outlook Addin. However, the mails were not restored, and have been in the same status for the last 1 week. When I open the mail, I get the status "The item is being restored by Enterprise V...

Resolved! Solution to delete multiple archives at once

Hi guys, EV 10.0.3 in my Test Lab. I have "thousands" of users which were imported into our test environment previoulsy and I would like to clean this up. Thousands of these archives in our vault are not associated with a User Account in AD and most ...

Fiona by Level 4
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Looking for stub listing script

We have finished migrating Exchange EV9 archives to EV10 and replacing shortcuts. Both EV systems are still online and we strongly suspect the odd stub is still pointing to EV9. Does anyone have s script to trwal mailboxes and list stub info ? The ta...

jkjk84 by Level 2
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Resolved! EV and NetApp CIFS\NFS volumes

hi I have a customer who uses NetApp and wants to use EV for File System Archiving. They used mixed mode security styles that allows them to present the same volumes for Windows and Linux users. So if EV is configured to archive files through the Net...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Stability issues with version

Hi, We are still using an old version of eVault in combination with 4 Exchange server 2010 Service Pack 2 in a DAG configuration. It is only used for mail archiving. We had file archiving in the past, but stopped this when we moved to NetA...

WiVM by Level 3
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Resolved! EV with MAC

Hi I plan to configure EV File System Archiving for my NetApp storage. I have several CIFs shares that are accessible by both Windows and Mac users. If I set an archiving policy against files on the NetApp will my Mac users still be able to recall th...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Unable to remove permission from archive

I have a permission that I can't get rid of. At one time I granted User B full access to User A mailbox in Exchange 2010. Months later, User B has had all access to User A mailbox removed. Both mailboxes and user accounts in AD are fully active. User...

Resolved! Any CLI (EVPM) method of bulk exporting vaults to PSTs?

Lately we have had to perform a lot of vault exports, and we've had to go thru this tedious GUI process, which is quite error-prone when you have a large number to do. I explored any possibility of using EVPM scripts to perform this task, but couldnt...

Resolved! Enterprise vault is archiving 3 days and older emails

Hi There, I have a problem with one of our users outlook arcive settings. For some reason outlook is archiving 3 days and older emails. He can not remove anything from his inbox as it will delete it from the vault as well. The only thing I can think ...

phil_x by Level 2
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Backup of Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 and 10.0.4 with Backup Exec

Backing up Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 and 10.0.4 with Backup Exec is not supported with the Agent for applications and databases. However – there isn't too much work to set up a good backup job for this manually The problems comes up if the customer ha...

bjorn_b by Level 6
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EV10SP4 CHF1 - DA upgrade - issue

Hello all, The below is  posted in the DA forum, just in case you run into this: A workaround is given, and the issue is reported, so probably will be ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Migrate vault stores from LUNs to CIFS

Our EV 9.0.4 server is running on a Windows 2003 server.  This year we migrated to NetApp.  I have three multi-partition vault store groups that reside on LUNs.  They've each rolled over to new partitions due to size restrictions on the LUNs being us...

Resolved! EV 10 Historical Data

Wondering if anyone has installed and used it. I'm trying to find a solution for taking some old exchange 2003 servers databases and import all the data into EV for E-Discovery. Is there a easier way than exporting everything to pst and manually impo...