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Resolved! Scheduling storage expiry with multiple time zones

Question in regards to scheduling storage expiry.  When setting the schedule at the site level does it propogate to each individul EV server or is it based off the time of the local directory service?   For instance if i set it for 12 pm pacific time...

juggernaut1 by Level 5
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WIndows Server 2008 R2, EV 10.0.3 and Memory Issues

Ladies, Gents, Gurus, Geniii, folk with extra large intellects, Usually, I login to ask a possibly dumb question. This time I want to share a solution that a helpful colleague kindly advised. In the last few weeks our EV 10.0.3 server, that services ...

Resolved! One Mailbox with 2 archive

Hi, we are moving user from Exch 2003 to exch 2010, one mailbox got stuck in the move process, so we export the mailbox to pst and remove the exchange attribute and create a new mailbox in the exchange 2010 and enable in the enterprise vault, now I h...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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How to search mails from custom folders via EV Search API?

I'm using EV search api to search emails. However, I can only search the mails from system folders such as "Inbox", "Sent Items", etc. Our customer created custom folders such as inbox/firm, inbox/helpdesk. I cannot search the mails under those custo...

Jim_Ma by Level 2
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Resolved! rebuilding of failed indexes on EV8 SP4.

Recently i have a few mailboxes and File archiving having failed index due to disk space issue on the index drives. After i have rebuilded those failed indexes folders , i do found there are duplicate folder with underscore with same archives ID.   M...

demo4119 by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault as an archiving solution for SharePoint 2013

Hello,   We have a customer who is willing to adopt Symantec Enterprise Vault as an archiving solution for SharePoint 2013. In order to make a decision, the customer wants to know if enterprise vault provides deduplication of data stored in SharePoin...

jj98 by Level 2
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Reparse point file rule is fail

Hi, We are getting a number of errors reported during our FSA task run. (******** Total errors reported: 8627) I have run a DTrace (option 27) and get the below errors on a number of files ..\...\.will not be archived.Reparse point file rule is fail....

Matt_B1 by Level 2
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Resolved! EV Stub Reports

How to export stub email report's through powershell. EV 10.0 . as per the below attach diagram i have to find out how much space is taking by stub emails in outlook.

OWA retrievel = 404

Hiya, I was wondering if anyone might have any opinion on the following and suggest any next steps I might try to resolve a 404 when trying to retrieve an archived item via OWA   Environment is Exchange 2003 - not clustered - 1 x backend and 1 x fron...

Remove disk drives ?

Scenario  EV 9.0 / Win2K8 Had a mount point for Indexes. Two attached LUNs. Was running low on space.  Attached a new LUN, copied data from both old LUNs, changed drive letter for old mount point, added old index drive letter to new LUN (no longer us...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault causing outlook 07 to freeze

this appears to be happening with our windows 7 desktops. We deploy a new computer and when a user signs on for the first time and loads up Outlook 2007, we get the prompts about enterprise vault offline. The prompts are "a setting on your computer t...

J_Ellis by Level 2
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Resolved! Is Enterprise Vault 10.4 now supported on Server 2012

Hi folks Can it be confirmed if Enterprise Vault 10.4 is now supported on Windows Server 2012?  The latest compatibilty chart say it is pending until the release of Windows hotfix KB 2878182.  The Symantec Technet  article

sunpete by Level 2
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Resolved! Restoring emails

Hi all, You can use the "Archive explorer" bottom from Outlook Add-in to restore an email folder or a group of them. But there is a limit of 1.000 emails to be restored at a time. Is there any way to increase this value? Thanks in advanced and best r...

Resolved! Archived items icon remains unchanged in Inbox

Hi,   All users in our organization are using Enterprise Vault 9.0 Plugin for Outlook 2010. One of the users is facing a peculiar problem. Messages that are archived are showing up in normal Outlook Envelop icon instead of the Vault icon. Another pro...

Resolved! Quick Confirmation - PST Migration and Expiry Process

Hello We're running Enterprise vault 9.0.4 CU5 in our environment. Currently we're on closure point for PST migrration from complete environment using EV server driven & client driven wizards and looking to start up some expiry process on users inbox...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault - Map Centera Storage as Mount Point

Hello We've an Enterprise vault 9.0.4 CU5 environment along with backend Centera storage. Recently there was issue when centera devices got full while I was on vacation and on return had to work with Symantec support to assist clearing up collection ...

AKL by Level 6
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