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Resolved! Calendar Archiving - Display Date in AE

Good morning all,    With the view of extending the message class (IPM.Appointment) range that Enterprise Vault archives, a pilot group of 6 users were targeted for calendar archiving. Since then 2 out of the 6 users have encounter issues, whereby, A...

E-MC2 by Level 3
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Problem restoring item from Enterprise Vault Archive

Hey   There is one user that have problem restoring a file in Enterprise vault, he dont get an error message, i cant see any faults in eventlog . When he click restore the icon changes to the enterprise vault restore icon (with the clock) then it sto...

hystad by Level 4
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Resolved! Outlook 2013 / EV9 / Client 10.0.3 / Exchange 2010

Hello, I've just got my new Windows 8 laptop and realised that EV isn't functioning within Outlook 2013, I did some research and saw many suggested needing the EV 10.0.3 Outlook client - I've since downloaded this and installed the cumulative patch 2...

ozzyo99 by Level 2
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Archiving Contacts

I'm working with a customer that needs to archive contacts (preferably at 0 days) in mailboxes, but does not want them to expire with normal email. The default retention category for the mailbox is 1 year. Users create folders as they want, with no r...

SHI-CRO by Level 6
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How do you deal with non-standard message classes?

Hi All,   I have posted a similar question before on the forums, found here: but I wound up not following through on any of this after running in...

Nate_D1 by Level 6
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Resolved! Moving Mailboxes to a new Exchange server

We currently have one EV server and configured with one Exchange server, We are going to add another Exchange server and then move some mailboxes from the old exchange server to the new ones. Other than adding the new exchange server in the directory...

EVRocks by Level 5
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Enterprise Vault - Indexes growth.

I'm just wondering peoples thoughts on this. My company runs what is now an older version of EV. We use V8, although we have plans to address this, it will not be until early next year. In the meantime we continue to deal with an increasingly difficu...

Resolved! FSA metadata migration conflicts with deployment scanner

Hi I want to upgrade a customer to version 10 running the 10 deployment scanner gives an error that there is FSA metadata that needs to be upgraded prior to the EV upgrade.   running the FSA migration summary providing us the details that there are...

10.0.4 doesn't write events in CryptoModule

Hi folks, just sharing. I've seen in a couple of environments that EV 10.0.4 doesn't write events to the Symantec Enterprise Vault CryptoModule log. Not even information. However this is not documented in the release notes so it's maybe not intended....

STHN by Level 5
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SQL Deadlock and Scheduler Stack dump on Evault

Hi All,   We always received issues having our Evault DB Server become unresponsive. I just need everyones help for me to understand if the SQL Deadlock being encontered in the Evault database versio 8.0 are already addressed on the version 10.0? Com...

Resolved! Client 10.0.3 with a View desktop

Hello All,   We use Enterprise Vault (offline cache) feature in a VMware View 5.1 environment. Users are using View desktop to connect when there are not in the office. In the office they use EV with the personal computer. EV works okay with View, bu...

Edyxx by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 7.5 extract

Need to turn ev back on. Did a decommission but now one user need their original data . I need to do another pst export. I don't want to re-enable the environment. I still have the SQL database and the ptn folder Suggestions?

Resolved! Index Volume scope

Hello,   I was using the Index Volume Browser, and I got to wondering what is the scope of an Index Volume? I know that the Index location is the actual NTFS path for storing an index, but is the scope of an Index Volume the entire Archive or an arch...

rnt123 by Level 5
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Resolved! Problems opening archives in Citrix 6.5 Error

We are in the middle of testing Citrix 6.5 upgrade with Office 2010. Our test users are having problems opening archvied items. They get the following error The item could not be downloaded. [OIOM] 80070005.   On our workstation we have the registry ...

EV task is running but no email being archived

Folks,  I've been trying to figure out this issue that I am having for the last 2-days. I have EV running on Windows Server 2003 Std Ed. w/ SP2 and Exchange 2010 (ver 14.02.0283.003) with a DAG setup running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enter...

ozzi by Level 3
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Resolved! Migrating journaled data from Evault

Good morning All, Does anyone have any experience or had to assist with migrating evault journaled data to another solution or application (Any application).  I asked a question pertaining to this a few months back and received some good information ...

Resolved! ExchangeMailboxEntry table status.

Hello Guys, Can some on help me with the White paper or Tech Note as what does 'ExchangeMailboxEntry' has in it. To my understanding it has the info of all the Provisional mailbox entry in it. Now I need to make some clear understanding of the table ...

Resolved! Active Archives SQL Query

Hi,   I'm generating a daily report to be mailed to our team via powershell and I'd like to be able to replicate the "Vault Store Usage Reporter" page to some extent. I can get the Total Items and Total size of a Vault Store with the SQL query below ...