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Public Folder Archiving

Hello All,Are the permissions on ev service account similar when it comes to archiving exchange mailbox and public folders?EV12Thank you in advance.Chris.

EV search retrieves the whole archive

Dear EV experts!Our customer has a test env with EV 12 and FSA archiving.We archived test 50 Gb data.We have that problem:- If we run the search process running with wildcard (for example: *.*)on the EV server it retrieves the whole archive for the c...

paulo7 by Level 4
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Slow file retrieval from archive

Dear EV experts!Our customer has a test env with EV 12 and FSA archiving.We have that problem:- If we click a file which is archived and if we click a placeholderor shortcut file the retrieval from the archive is very-very slow.For a 4 Gb file it tak...

paulo7 by Level 4
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Resolved! FSA archiving watching file properties

Dear EV experts!Our customer has a test env with EV 12 and FSA archiving.We have that problem:1. If we click the archived file in Windows Explorer and want tosee the properties.(file size, modification date etc)The file come back from the archive and...

paulo7 by Level 4
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EV FSA sizing question

Dear EV experts!Our customer want to implement EV 12 with FSA archiving.Customer has 60Mrd (60 x 1000 Million) files on 10 file server.(2-8Mrd file on each server)The data is approximately 20-30 Tb.We are design and size the architecture.The initial ...

paulo7 by Level 4
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Resolved! Prevent deleting items policy

Hi,I have been asked to prevent items in SMTP archive being deleted. I have found this article: says:Before archived items can be deleted from an archive, the following 3 conditions/pre-requi...

double-click not working in top EVS pane

We have Enterprise Vault have one user who reports not being able to double-click a message in the EVS top pane to open it.She can open it with right-click and Download but then when she tries to forward it, the body of the message is bl...

Resolved! Vault Store Database Backup

Some of our Vault stores are reporting that the SQL database backup hasnt been run for X days in the Admin Console.I checked with our DBA's and they confirmed that the backup are completing daily on their scheduled times.There are other databases on ...

Resolved! 100042824 EV and TSL question

We are seeing the issue listed in And know how to correct it but our security group was asking if installing  Microsoft ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server or Microsoft ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server w...

trpe71 by Level 4
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Is FSA agent need to restore files?

Hi,I know FSA Agent is needed to create placeholders of the archived files, but once the placeholders are created, if at any point we decide to stop archiving more files but we want to still have access to the files, is FSA agent needed to restore fi...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Building Blocks İnformation

Hello,I need get more information about building blocks. As I understand from Admin Guide. I need SQL server separate and all partitions on shared storage. And all Extra Requirements.Lets say I am archiving Journal and Mailbox. I installed already EV...

vaultlearner by Level 4
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Resolved! EV deleting old user archives

We have an EV environment that is no longer actively archiving new items and is just used to allow users to recall previously archived items from their mailboxes. The environment is EV11.0.1 and as it's being slowly decommissioned we don't have any i...

CadenL by Moderator
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Resolved! EV 11 New search initial load times too high

We will be moving EV 12 soon so I was testing the new search in EV 11.We are on 11.0.1 CH5 and have Outlook 2016 users. I enabled the search for a few users including me and everytime I click on search archive, it takes 5 to 10 minutes for the page t...

PST Import Failed on EV 12.3

Hey guys,I started an import job for a PST in my EV 12.3 over night, because it was a 30GB PST. :(Now in the morning I got the following message:Item has not been added to the storage queue because the remaining disk space of the queue has breached i...

MON_AB by Level 4
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