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Resolved! P2V Enterprise Vault 10 - Suggestions

Hi there Forum, I am thinking about virtualizing my SEV server and would like to reach out to you all and find out if there are any "best practices" when attempting to do this. Not sure if there are any official instructions on the internet, but I wa...

Resolved! Upgrade to 10 - index in backup mode

Hello all, I'm preparing an upgrade of several EV-sites to EV10, coming from EV9SP4R1. All prereqs are met, so I am good to go. One of the steps I had in mind was to set backup mode on both stores and indexes before upgrading. I used to do this to pr...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Disconnected Mailboxes in Exchange 2010

Hello, I have to be able to answer my management the following question, so please answer me with yes or no. Are the disconnected mailboxes ( exchange 2010 ) archived by EV ( EV 9.2).? Thank you. I'm aware of the procedure for leaving employees but I...

Resolved! User cannot log in after vault client 10.0.3 install

Hi Having a really tough time with an issue. A user got a new Mac running OS X 10.8.4, she originally had the vault client 9.0.2 which would not let her log in, no matter what combination of credentials we entered it would not let her in. So we decid...

Resolved! enterprise vault 10.0.3 issues related to DCOM

Hi   i am using enterprise vault 10.0.3 running on windows 2008 r2 server, every thing is working fine apart from users unable to browse enterprise vault server or using archive explorer if i put these users in local admin group on ev servers its wor...

Resolved! Can not Search EMAIL

HI In My company, I have one Exchange2010 SP3 Server. And Install The EV 10.0.3 Server.  Now I can see the email is archived by OWA. and i can manual archive and restore. Now , I want to search the archive email in the ev search url http://ev.contoso...

LanLin by Level 4
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Resolved! archive explorer issue

hi   can anyone advise on this issue:   one of our users cannot see all the folders in their archive explorer. If we profile the account we can see all their folders however the user can only see a subset of the folders. It cannot be anything to do w...

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! exporting to .pst

hello, i have an old ev6 environment with data in it that we need to keep. im using the wizard to export the data to pst files. it keeps on failing on some working on others, it runs great for a bit then hangs. are there any tips or tricks or anyhtin...

Resolved! Export archive with sub folder

Greetings, I'm curretly looking for a solution where I can export the archive to PST  only for a single folder. But we have our users who have multiple folders under a single folder. So the question is Do we have an option where we can export archive...

Resolved! EV event error 41107 not cleared with the created registery key...

Hi, Still have problem as discribed in this:  Have created the key and put the value as 2 (create a new entry) and ran the provisioning task but still the account won't show up as possible to enable or anything....

Sani_B by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise vault for exchange

Hi, We are planning to implement Enterprise vault. I was going through the Configuration document and I have some confusion about creating forms. Permissions.  Kindly provide me some steps to configure the EV for exchange in simple terms. what has to...

Backup window for different vault stores in EV.

Dear's, I have 3 EV 10.0.3 servers with indexing configured on all three servers.Exchange is 2013. We have single EV site with 1 vault store group and 6 vault stores, sharing level is configured as within vault store group. We have users working in d...

Resolved! SQL Disk Space of EV Server

Hello, Is there any particular recommendation/precautions to be taken in order to increase the disk space of the SQL Server that is hosting the Enterprise Vault as well as the increasing the disk space of the EV Server? Basically, I need to increase ...

Resolved! EV permission

Hi Team, Is there any powershell comand in EV from where I can check who have access on whose archive page. Regards    

Resolved! Enterprise Vault

Hello , My qust . How to design soultion for Enterpise Vault : I have 2 exchnage 2010 Mail box 2 Hub and cas  4 active database total number of user 5000 . total  data base sieze 1 TB . the qustion Is how many EV server I need . Or if any best practi...

Resolved! PST Locator for specific folders?

Is there a way I can tell PST locator to search only in a specific location for PSTs. I remember adding a regedit in the past, in earlier version of EV, for this. But i can't remember what it was.

Resolved! Enterprise Vault and Microsoft patching

Hello, we are wondering if there are any Best Practices regarding Microsoft security patches on an Enterprise Vault server.  We usually patch quarterly, and it is time to apply patches.  Is there a site that lists the MS security patches that have be...

Bill_HC by Level 2
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Resolved! EV PST Task Locator fails

I am running EV 10.0.3 on Windows 2008 R2 Since I upgraded from EV 9.0.2 to 10.0.3, when I run the PST Locator Task, it starts and stops almost immediately and I get the following:   Event ID: 40969   Unable to access Configuration File settings. Fil...