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Resolved! Exporting list of items in vault (file archiving)

Hi all, I have a user that wants a list of all the items she has in the vault, I know i can goto http://%evserver%/enterprisevault and search for the items, but I need the results (1000+ files) in a csv or txt file, screen scraping 20+ screens and pa...

stang92 by Level 3
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Resolved! Upgrade to Exchange 2010 - EV not working

Hi All, Few weeks ago; we upgraded EV from 8.4 to 10.2 and also upgradde exchange from 2003 to 2010.   We have just migrated a user, which is unable to see his archive emails.   With in EV we have policies set up for new exchange servers. however wit...

Nysoh by Level 5
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Resolved! Installing FSA reporting

Hi    i am now review the document for installing the FSA reporting(enterprise vault 10.0.3). it is related to EVANON, if the evanon component is there? 

Resolved! How to install EV 2010 SP3

Hi,   I have installed currently EV for Exchange I have had ongoing intermittant issues with backing up EV (another story itself!) but one of the tech guys recomended I upgrade to SP that deals with some backup isses. I would like to do ...

Tommy_T by Level 2
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Resolved! Issue with language users for Vitual Vault

Hello , I have an issue where I try to enable the Virtual  Vault it fails with the following error.  "Enterprise Vault could not add or remove the following Virtual Vaults" Followed the Tech Note # TECH126007 and it resolved the issue.   Unable to co...

Resolved! Question about attachments

Hi there, our virus scanner detected an infected file in one of the EV_CVT_Temp_ folders. This file was moved immidiately to the quarantine by the scanner software. If I am correct these CVT_Temp folders are used for archiving as well for manual arch...

Resolved! Export to text from EV

Hello, We have Enterprise Vault for Exchange implemented. A user has thousands of emails in a subfolder archived and wants only these emails in subfolder to export to a text file. Only way I know how to do this is to restore archived emails back to E...

Resolved! Deleting Vault

We are using EV 9.0.2 for Exchange. I am working on the process of deleting thousands of archive as per the scheduled maintenance task. Deleting archive one by one through the console will take longer time. I was referring some articles and I got the...

Resolved! Items building up in watchfile and journalarchive tables

I have a customer with EV 9.0.2 that has built up a large backlog of items awaiting backup.    I took a look at how they were doing their partition backups and identified some problems but that didn't explain the high number (over 7.5 million items)....

Mark_Tkachyk by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! export from vault search?

Hi. thanks for the time. we are doing an investigation and I was searching through the vault stores and was able to see the emails I wanted to hand over to legal.  However there is no option to export? just to add to basket or delete basket? or resto...

goof717 by Level 5
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Resolved! Can I create File system Archives en-mass?

Can I create File system Archives en-mass?  I am running EV 9.0.2 on Windows 2003 Enterprise server. We are ramping up our FSA project and I commonly have 100+ user share archive points to create. I see them just fine and can do them one at a time. I...

Resolved! evault license

I have one more question -  planning the upgrade from ev 8.X to 9.x, I went out to the licensing portal to get license keys.  When I look for licenses for v9.x, they are not available.  But I can retrieve the keys for v10.x  Do I need specific licens...

Resolved! archived items waiting to be indexed

We're currently running EV 8.0 SP3.  I plan to upgrade to EV9.0.4 tonight However, I've found that on particular mailbox index that has been in a continual rebuild and was wondering if that will have any effect with the upgrade planned for tonight.  ...

Resolved! EV retention and litigation holds

Thank you in advance for any insight. Our environment is Exchange 2007/2010 with EV 904. When we have a message in a managed folder (EV managed folder in the Exchange mailbox, originally created using EVPM. Same managed folder exists in user's Person...

Resolved! EV OWA Toolbars do not display

  Hi, I am having issues with accessing archived items via OWA. This used to work up until the past few days. The icons show up in OWA, but the toolbar no longer does. When I click on an archived item I get this message... 403 - Forbidden: Acces...

Pending Shortcut Time out issue

Hi,   We have Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 installed and we have set pending time out Policy for 6 Days. But still Pending Clock items does not flush from Users Mailbox. If i need to dtrace the same what should be the option for same.