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Resolved! Error Message in AE

Hi   We are using EV 9.0.2 for Exchange 2007.  I see some issue wherein the user is trying the access the emails through archive explorer and get the drop down.  When I tried to access the AE I see the error message as   “ This archive contains too m...

Resolved! Selective Journaling

My environment:  Windows Server 2008 R2, Enterprise Vault 10.0.3, Journaling enabled. I don't have a problem getting it working.  The problem is that is appears to work too good.  I'd like to filter out message the sender denied failure emails.  The ...

Resolved! Is IIS required for EV reporting on SQL 2008 R2?

Small challenge: I'm trying to put EV reporting (9.0.2) on a 2008 server with SQL 2008 R2 and Reporting Services.  The installation fails as IIS is not installed.  SQL 2008 R2 has its own web service and no longer needs IIS.  I'd rather not run two w...

Resolved! Pop warnings while opening archived notes

I am facing an issue where users are getting pop up warnings when they open any archived note from lotus notes client. After selecting to trust the execution, it allows us to open the mail, but its very irritating. How do I stop this? Please help.

jaj by Level 4
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Resolved! EV OWA not functioning

Hi All, Exchange 2010 and EV 10, 2 CAS Servers and 4 MBX. I have installed the EV OWA extensions on both the CAS Servers. And ran owausers.wsf script in order to create EvAnon directory on vault server. Everything went fine. But when I logged int...

R_G1 by Level 3
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Resolved! How to turn off indexing completely for a Vault Store?

Hello, We do not rely on EV indexes for one of our Vault Stores and configured EV to do brief indexing so to not consume huge space.  However, we would ideally like to turn off indexing altogether to not consume any space at all.  Is that an option? ...

Resolved! Slow performance through MSMQ, SQL Maintenance ?

I've been noticing real slow performance lately of A2 and Storage queue processing.  I ran the following SQL Query   SELECT OBJECT_NAME(i.object_id) AS TableName, AS TableIndexName, phystat.avg_fragmentation_in_percent FROM sys.dm_db_index_phy...

Paul_E by Level 5
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Resolved! Emails are not Archiving

Hi, We have just upgraded to 10.3 and since the upgrade emails are not being archived, please see attached picture for the Backup archive bit. I have put the vaults into backup mode, took the manual backups, clear the backup mode but no joy. I also t...

Nysoh by Level 5
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Resolved! Migrate to EV10 with new Servers and Storage

As the title suggests I'm planning an upgrade and migration to new hardware: Currently we have 1x EV Site with 4 servers, they are as follows: KN-EVT1 + WB-EVT1 EV 9.04Win 2003 32bitSAN Storage (EMC) KN-EVT2 + WB-EVT2 EV 9.04Win 2008R2 64bitSAN Stora...

Jay2 by Level 4
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Problems with SEV Archive Explorer in OWA

  Hello. I have an issue with the Archive Explorer. When I try to connect to it from inside organization Archive Explorer is working. If I try to connect to it from outside I can see only my mailbox name and no details information. Archive search is ...

emikhaylov by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! EV versio upgrade

Hi All I am going to upgrade EV service pack3 . Please sugget to me is this ok Currently envir Ex2010 sp2 roll6 , EV 10.0.1

Resolved! this item is offline

while restore the emails I am getting below pop-up. what I have notice is there are two types of EV icons, Blue & black getting issue on Blue only this item is offline enterprise vault may not able to display this item contents

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 9.0.4

What is the best way to recreate shortcuts without the system pulling all archive files that will include a date range? Please advise...   Thanks in advance,   Marcus Lee