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EV 11 FSAUtility restoring file versions

Hi Is there a way to get FSAUtility to restore all file versions when used for a bulk recall? I want to restore a large number of files (about 2TB) back to the file server but have noticed that sometimes users find the latest file version won't open ...

CadenL by Moderator
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EVSVR DumpSaveset for large number of savesets

hiI have used this several times over the past many years with EV. However, now I have a requirement to perform this recombination attempt for thousands of savesets. [Reason: we are migrating to O365, and using a migration tool to extract/migrate ite...

Move Archive stucks in Step 3 - Updaiting shortcuts

Hello everyone,a customer is facing the following error. He is moving archives in another vaultstore on the same server. All move archive tasks stuck in Step 3 - Updating Shortcuts. Other move archives to another ev server were processed successfully...

Export-EVArchive using "OR" operator

I'm trying to run an Export-EVArchive that will search for all messages to or from multiple addresses but cannot get the "OR" operator to work.  Here is an example:PS E:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault> Export-EVArchive -ArchiveID 16....evserver...

hlipsey by Level 1
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New archiving from old Mailboxes

I just received following demand from my legal department :Delete the archive from an user Problem I can do it in the VACRe-archive his mailbox ....would a ZAP Mailbox be enough to remove the archived flag ? because of course all which is in...

Resolved! Mailbox archiving working but not showing up in Outlook

Hi,I am testing Enterprise vault in a test environment. Everything is installed and configured as per the Veritas documents. I am able to run the archiving mailbox task on the client and can see the mail using web access. Unfortunately this archiving...

Very slow indexing

Hi,We're experiencing very slow indexing speed on our 12.3.2 EV platform.We're using ECS.The archiving speed is extremely fast (more than 30 million items per day), however, the indexing only manages to process 4.5 million items per day. Our EV serve...

Dell ECS Storage Running on Enterprise Vault 12.4

Just asking the community about the subject. Has anyone used this type of storage for EV 12.4. Right now all of our 201 TB of data is stitting on a EMC / DELL VNX8000 San. Just curious of the Do's and Dont's or any gotcha's. This will be primarly for...

External Acess Enterprise Vault - Exchange 2016

Good afternoon sirs,I'm working on an Enterprise Vault implementation project on a client and it needs external access to the archived emails to the clients. What are the best practices to provide this access? The referenced Exchange is 2016.

EV12 and SQL server2017

Dear Experts!We try to install EV12 to win2016 an using SQL 2017. SQL server is standard edition.However Deployment checker reports the following:- Unsupported SQL server version.This SQL version is mentioned in the EV compatibility guide.Question:- ...

paulo7 by Level 4
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Outlook add-in

Hello I need help on this request from user.WE are in the middle of an exchange migration 2010-2016.As advised by veritas I already migrated my ev system Account mailbox  to exchange 2016.My problem is the followingI have a user in exchange 10 and sh...

Disable PST creation in Outlook

I need to find out if I can diable PST creation from the clients Oultook via EV 12.4?The only option I can find is via AD GPO's. 

NJCRU by Level 3
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Enterprise Vault 9 FSA export not working

I have a customer that wants to retire EV 9 FSA.The export is not working and it gives no errors in the command window where i run the FSAUtility.  They want to export from the current environment to a AWS cloud server. We can copy files to the new v...

Orcaforce by Level 3
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Access data in vault cache .db files

We have the need to open the vault cache .db files to recover messages.  I have not been able to open them using outlook.  Is there away to access the messages saved in the vault cache databases to recover them?

lb3 by Level 2
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Downloading items from archive explorer

Hi,I want to prevent users from downloading or exporting items in any way from archive explorer (internet browser), I want just them to read the mails the have archived. I have been testing with policies but I couldn't find a way to do it. Can anybod...