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Resolved! Syncronising Exchange Mailboxes with the Vault Store

Hi All We have recently discovered that at somepoint, our Enterprise Vault was not set to delete archived email items from the vault store when the end user deleted the shortcut to the archived item from their Outlook. Although we now have this is no...

Resolved! EV 9.0.3 no backup detected on closed partitions

Hi, Weird issue, where I have aroung 20 closed partition, and in the awaiting backup in usage.asp i have almost 4 million items. in some partitions backup tab I see that last scan was about a year ago. In some partitions I see in backup tab "no backu...

Resolved! EV Journal mailboxes not archiving

I've got two Journal Mailboxes with associated tasks and they havent processed any mail since 00:35 on Friday 5th April. MSMQ queues are empty,  backups have run without issue, services have been restarted, but no change. I cant see any related error...

Paul_E by Level 5
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A5 queues just increases

Since a while back our a5-queues is just increasing. We have 5 exchange servers and all all of the a5 queues are just increasing. At the beginning they slowly decreased from one day to another day. But now they are just building up. Our version of EV...

SavariAA by Not applicable
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault and Exchange 2007/2010

Hello, I have a customer in the process of migrating from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.  I have all mailbox servers set up as targets on EV.  In addition, I have 2 EV servers.  Currently, the Exchange 2010 servers are being archived successfully.  ...

ESI_EVAULT by Level 4
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Resolved! Moving FSA Archived File Share into another volume in same server

Hi, We have a file share in E:\ drive which has been archived by FSA, so it has archived and also non-archived files. We want to Copy this file share into another volume and add this new volume as E:\ dirve and get rid of the old one. Now if we use r...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! EV system mailboxes and archiving tasks for Exchange 2010 DAG

  There are two DAGs straddling the two AD sites, and each consists of two member nodes:   DAG1 - Members MBX1  (SITE1) , MBX3 (SITE2). SITE1 active, SITE2 passive. DAG2 - Members MBX2  (SITE1), MBX4 (SITE2). SITE2 active, SITE1 passive.   We have ma...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! Remove user from Enterprise Vault.

Hi, I had enabled user account for mail archival. Now all his mails are getting archived without any issue. Now user dont to enable archiving to be enabled for his mailbox. I want to make sure that after removing user from vault, all his archived mai...

Resolved! Archived Items Indexing

Hi, We are using EV for mailbox archiving and I am new to EV, We archive around 5000 emails daily and I would like to know how much time is required for indexing of archived items and what is the steps to find when the indexing for the archived items...

Resolved! Facing issues with collections on EV server.

Dear's,   We have EV for mailbox archiving and have enabled collections on closed partitions for the ease of backup which is working fine. I had an old closed partition on which collections were not enabled so recently I enabled the collections and f...

Resolved! EV 10.0.3 Deployment scanner issue

Just trying to setup a EV 10.0.3 environment and ran into a Deployment scanner issues. Deployment Scanner didn't report that Outlook 2007 SP2 hotfix KB2475891 wan't installed and therefore let us install EV. However when starting the archiving and jo...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! Bulk restore Public Folder Archive

Hi, We have few public folder archived with several nested folders inside each folders with lots of archived and non-archived items. We want to restore all archived items from all public folders and subfolders back into Exchange. Is there any easy wa...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! Disabled hyperlinks in archived email.

One of my users has notices that urls hyperlinks in his shortcuts are no longer hyperlinks. The url is there but it is no longer a hyperlink. Is this a setting in EVault? Using Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2003.

Resolved! Manually archiving delay

Hi all, When a user archives manually an items in Outlook, he gets the archive pending icon. We have always a delay of several minutes before the item is archived. Where is this delay specified? Why does it takes so much time (more than 8 minutes) ...

donypie by Level 4
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