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ECS capacity planning and 3rd tool for move archives

Hi guys,EV can uses SIS during save items to ECS. Many thanksDELL notices inside its documentation that ECS doesn't SIS , see bellow, but EV uses SIS algorithm before saving data to ECS object storage ( I hope) . Therefore, advantage of SIS we can us...

PetrHanz by Level 4
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some question regarding Snapshot of Elasticsearch indexes

Hi all,Since we upgrade to from 14.4 version and use the new index "Elasticearch". check EV docs that need a new disk for setup Snapshot of Elasticsearch indexes. My question is if we didn't setup Snapshot of Elasticsearch indexes. what is the impact...

Y1251 by Level 5
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FSA Can't create new file server.

Hello, I'm using Enterprise Vault 14.1, I'm trying to add a new File Server for FSA in EV. However I am not able to do so, getting the following error:New File Server belongs to a Netapp 9.8 C-mode, something is not letting me add a new FS, I already...

tester3 by Level 3
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New-EVIndexSnapshot on cluster

Hello,we add to our batch script this line\powershell.exe -psconsolefile "C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\evshell.psc1" -command "& {New-EvIndexsnapshot -EVServerName -confirm:$false}"In history - we call this script o...

PetrHanz by Level 4
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EV : This volume was ignored on this run of the task

Hi all,I'm using EV v.14.3. for archiving data from NetApp server.I created a task (called FSATask_c$) for a hidden volume c$ with contains 2 folders : FOLDER1 and FOLDER2.Archive Points was created for FOLDER1 and FOLDER2.I stopped the task FSATask_...

Resolved! EV Move from v12.x to 14.3 - Is it compatible?

Hi,I´m trying to move archives from a former EVv12.x environment to a new (productive) one with v14.3. Both directories share the same VSA and AD Domain. When processing any test archive the following line is logged: "Entered a sleep state for 30 min...

Enterprise Vault indexing grouping

I have two index grouping each one contain two enterprise vault servers for indexing.each group only one server is indexing and the other is not running.i have no errors in event viewer or in Dtrace logs.PS the servers was working normally before gro...

How EV works with HCP connected via S3?

Hi,Could someone tell me about connecting EV with HCP as primary storage and secondary storage via S3 protocol?How it's working?What are the benefits or problems?Is it better to connect HCP to EV via streamer or S3 protocol?

Retention Policies Enterprise Vault & Exchange Server

Hi, We want to apply a retention policy on the exchange server and enterprise vault.For the Exchange Server retention policies; in this policy, some emails should be kept and not deleted.We are wondering whether these emails will be archived by the e...

Migrate from EV12.4 to EV14.4

Hi,We try to upgrade Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016, and in meanwhile migrate EV12.4 to EV14.4 with new OS and MSSQL server. In-place upgrade is not an option for us as there are risks to lose data (4TB size). We currently only do mailbox archive, no...

Resolved! Quota not achieved

Dear All,Iam receiving warning accross Enterprise vault archiving reports that "Quota not achieved" below is my policy settings.archiving rule " based on age and quota" older than 1-year and 30% quota.i tried many solutions, i noticed when i change t...

index location after upgrade 12.3 to 14.4

Hi,We try to upgrade our EV version from 12.3 to 14.4, after upgrade to 14.4 there is a message show "caution: older indices cannot be accessed if the index location is changed. click help to know how to access the older indices."Question:1. is it mu...

Y1251 by Level 5
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RMS decryption and MPIP - Upgrading to EV 14.4

Hi guys, anyone who had RMS decryption active with EV 14.3 and earlier and upgraded to 14.4 using MPIP? How did you do it? The 14.4 upgrade guide described that RMS needs to be disabled in case MPIP should not be utilized after the update and that ar...

Marcde by Moderator
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Delete IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Original safely

Hi, we have a customer that is migrating to Office 365 and getting rid of EV. After migrating mailboxes we see the IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Original in abbout 20 of the migrated messages. Can we delete these safely or will it break the shortcuts? Sho...

carconi by Level 0
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