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Resolved! Setting new IP Address ranges for EV and Exchange

Due to a merger a client is having to radically reconfigure their internal LAN IP subnets.  As part of this process EV, Exchange and associated storage servers will all be moved to new IP ranges. Can anyone point us towards a knowledgebase article or...

Dead-Data by Level 5
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Enterprise Vault Index Admin Service Event 41293

Some of you may have encountered the "The Enterprise Vault installation is currently in maintenance mode and consequently unable to process your request" error and failure of the EV Indexing service to start. Other threads show that this can be re...

Dead-Data by Level 5
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Resolved! How can you reset the Vault remotley?

Hi, I am trying to figure out a way to reset the enterprise vault remotley. I have dozens of calls a day cause the cache is corrupted. I am looking for a easier way to reset the cache. Currently I have to remote in the machine, open outlook, then hol...

Anoble1 by Level 2
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Resolved! Does FSA preserve metadata when restoring a file

Hi EV 9.0.2 If I archive a file with FSA, and later restore it, is all the original metadata preserved (e.g. created date, modified date, etc.)? I am looking to use FSA to archive data for legal cases, hence the requirement to preserve all metadata. ...

goatboy by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault and Discovery Acclerator upgrade path

We're currently running EV 8.0 sp3 and DA 8.0 sp3.  Our target version is 10.1.13 as we plan on upgrading to Exchange 2013 in the near future. I think I've figured out in which order these upgrades need to take place but would like confirmation that ...

Resolved! Exchange Provisioning Task

we have the exchange provisioning task that runs every night, if it finds a new mailbox that it needs to provision it send an email out to the user. where can i find that task and edit what it does? there is nothing within the gui. thanks  

Resolved! Manual Archive Automation Solution

We have a situation wherein we need to run manual archiving for few users. Is there any way I can automate? so that I can run the archiving for some people in EV 9.0.2 (Users might reside on multiple Exchange servers)

Resolved! Backup Multiple EV Servers under same site EV 10.0.1

Hi, Need some help setting up Backup Multiple EV 10.0.1 Servers under same site using either PowerShell script or NetBackup agent. For example if we have 4 x EV Servers - 2 x Mailbox archiving and 2 x FSA Archiving under same site. Any good guide ava...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! Size of each users Email Vault

How can we get a list of the size of each user's email vault? a second question How can we un-archive all mail that's currently in a user's mailbox?    I'm not talking about all the email in their Vault, but just the messages that are archived in the...

Resolved! EV 8.0.4 FSA Problem retrieving WAV Files only

Hi, We have a EV 8.0.4 FSA Archiving file server. When we try to copy a folder with lots of files with lots of archived files ... all files are copied fine apart from the WAV files. An unexpected error is keepinh you from copying the file. If you con...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 6 - Export to PST

Hello, We are wanting to move a lot of old archived mail out of Enterprise Vault back into our Exchange server. (Via fist exportnig to PST)   The Exchange server that initally did the archive has since been decommisioned (Exchange 2003) so there is c...