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Resolved! SQL Query Help to display all Volume and Folder Policy in FSA

Hi, I have written this SQL query to display UNC Name, Volume Name and Policy associated with the volume. select FileServerEntry.UncName, FileServerVolumeEntry.VolumeName, dbo.PolicyEntry.poName from PolicyEntry inner join VolumePolicyEntry on Policy...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! Archiving Zimbra using Enterprise Vault SMTP

Hi Guys, I'm trying to elaborate a solution to archive Zimbra emails using Enterprise Vault 10, I know that we don't have any integration with Zimbra but there's any restriction or issue to archive Zimbra using SMTP? There's any reason not tu use Ent...

omar_iturbe1 by Level 3
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EV 10.0.1 Event ID 7110

Hi all, I made a change to the backup procedure as i noticed the Partitions werent thinking they were getting backed up and it was due to the Arcserve account was trying to put the SG into Read only mode using the standrad script. Thats all sorted no...

Resolved! Importing to a subfolder using PST Migration Wizard

I'm sure I've done this before but I can't for the life of me work out how to do it again. Using the PST Migration Wizard you are presented with the option to create shortcuts in "this folder under the root folder". Entering a name in the free text f...

Zap by Level 4
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Resolved! Accessing Domino Archive Once Notes Has Bee Uninstalled

Hello, I have a customer who is currently using Domino and I have configured Domino email arching. They will be migrating to Exchange. If I zero-day archive all of the user's email and just cut over to Outlook, will the users still be able to access ...

Resolved! Question about Archive task after mailbox move

We currently are using Exchange 2007 and Enterprise Vault 9.0.3.  We are using Virtual Vault for users to drag and drop items into their archive but we also have an age based policy to archive messages older than 360 days.  We also Journal all mailbo...

Resolved! SQL Query help?

I need to query SQL for all archives in an environment as the last the archive was accessed.   Is that in SQL?   Thanks for any help!!

Scott__Hastings by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 10 migration issue

 1. Created a migration package and verified report.    Enterprise Vault monitoring & FSA reporting are pointing to the server that  does not exist, how to remove Enterprise Vault monitoring & FSA reporting  From EV?

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Collection Question

Hi, Collect files older than. Enter the amount of time that must elapse since items were archived before they are eligible for collection.  Collect files older than - is that archived date? Or archived file accesses date? After collection any way of ...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! Newbie query concerning EV for Domino

When using EV to archive Notes users all the documentation only ever refers to archiving user's mail boxes. Does EV for Domino also archive content from user's Notes archives if the archives  are located on a Domino server or does this have to be per...

Resolved! Version of EV not updated in VAC & SQL after upgrade?

Hi, I upgraded a 7 ev servers environment a year ago from version 8 to 9. While in the VAC i go to help - about and see that the version is 9, in VAC when I stand on servers container, It still says version 8. Since it's coming from SQL, I wonder - ...

Resolved! Index upgrade to 64 bit error msg in Journal

Hi all, I have errors in EV server on upgrade index task for Journal archive. the error is:   Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Source:        Enterprise Vault  Date:          2/28/2013 5:53:31 PM Event ID:      41352 Task Category: Index Volu...

Resolved! EV 10 Server Migration

Installed EV 10 Sp3 (Components services: Enterprise vault services & administation console) on the target server. Installation completed and rebooted server, I haven't started configuration wizad on target server as per migration guide instructions....