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Resolved! Version of EV not updated in VAC & SQL after upgrade?

Hi, I upgraded a 7 ev servers environment a year ago from version 8 to 9. While in the VAC i go to help - about and see that the version is 9, in VAC when I stand on servers container, It still says version 8. Since it's coming from SQL, I wonder - ...

Resolved! Index upgrade to 64 bit error msg in Journal

Hi all, I have errors in EV server on upgrade index task for Journal archive. the error is:   Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Source:        Enterprise Vault  Date:          2/28/2013 5:53:31 PM Event ID:      41352 Task Category: Index Volu...

Resolved! EV 10 Server Migration

Installed EV 10 Sp3 (Components services: Enterprise vault services & administation console) on the target server. Installation completed and rebooted server, I haven't started configuration wizad on target server as per migration guide instructions....

Resolved! Centera change to Compliance Plus Mode

All - We are in the process of changing our Centera from Centera Basic to Compliance Plus Mode. Currently we have 'For all Centera Models' as the option chosen for our vault store partitions. Once EMC changes the Centera to 'Compliance Plus Mode' in ...

Resolved! Failed Index Volume

We have EV 10.0.3 for Exchange 2007 and recently we ended up with Indexing issue on only Journal mailbox. We cannot search on Journal mailbox from December 2012. Going to Indexing on the EV console we can see 1 failed index. Indexing and searching is...

EVRocks by Level 5
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Resolved! Enterprise vault add in is inactive in Outlook 2013

I have installed the new add in 10.0.3 for outlook 2013 on my Windows 8 computer. But the Enterprise vault add in stay inactive. I tried the ResetEVClient solution : this not corect the issue. Others users of my service have installed the add-in and ...

Resolved! Unable to retrieve large files archived by EV 9 ?

Hi, In my file server archived by EV 9.0.4 R1, I cannot recall / retrieve the archived files greater than 10 MB ? I can get the README.txt and the setup.ini file, but when I tried to copy the whole directory containing multiple big files larger than ...

Resolved! Audit on the search history

Hi, As part of the Environment Security Initiative by the security team, is there any way to audit who has been doing what on the EV server ? this is to know if someone got access to the Vault has been doing sensitive data snooping / searching. Espec...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault dvs files

Hello, I am having an issue with an Enterprise Vault 9.0 installation on a Windows 2003 server.  The Vault deployment is in place to archive Exchange mailbox information only, nothing else.  BackupExec is in use to provide nightly backups.  What is h...

ESI_EVAULT by Level 4
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Resolved! Add more EV indexing space

EV904. Long story short... Our index locations on the EV journaling server are running out of space. I have had the storage team provision me additional LUNs. I need to instruct EV to use these new locations for its indexing purposes. And do I tell E...

Evault Mail missing issue

Hi there, We have an exchange mailbox "~ HR confidential" which has mail being moved into it from another mailbox "~ Technology Support", this mailbox used to be called "~ Business Services" in exchage. The mail that is in "~ HR confidential" doesn't...

Resolved! Import PST into Journal Archive for Exchange 2010

Hello, I am working with a customer that setup EV 10.0.3 for journal archiving only. They hired another company to export their legacy Mimosa NearPoint archive. I was wondering if it is possible to import that exported NearPoint data, (which should b...

rnt123 by Level 5
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Resolved! Any EV option to remove or ignore specific problem messages?

Hi there, One of our users sent a message to several thousand other users. Archiving that message is causing problems, swelling the A5 queues (1000 entries) and delaying the auto-archiving. Yesterday we followed the steps in technote 68553 and added ...

BruGuy by Level 6
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Resolved! Virtual Vault monitoring

Hi all, A few months ago I started a thread which related to me completely resetting someone's Virtual Vault because it wasn't working properly. My user ended up losing data. Fast forward to now, and we're running 10.0.3 (upgraded from 10.0.1). One o...

rasobey by Level 5
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Resolved! EV9.04 exchange 2010 outlook 2013

Hi, few month, we upgrade our exchange 2003 to exchange 2010. Some issu with the outlook web acces (network know issu), but everything else, is working very well. Since this morning, I update my Outlook 2007 client for Outlook 2013. The enterprise va...