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Resolved! Storage Expiry Issue

We recently re-enabled storage expiry on our system. Everything was going well and I started getting this in event logs;     Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Source:        Enterprise Vault  Date:          1/18/2013 8:31:14 AM Event ID:      ...

Index Volume v10.0.2 keeps failing

Hello All, I was wondering if you could share how to address the following problem: Index Volume for recently (12 days ago) created 10.0.2 Journaling Vault Store started failing today.  So far it failed 3 times. Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vau...

Resolved! External OWA Searcho2k.asp Not working

Guys - We have configured our internal/external OWA on exchange 2010/TMG. We have a rule in TMG which redirects external OWA traffic to EV. We also use "ExternalIPAddress" on the CAS web.config file to identify the "External Traffic" by putting in th...

EVHolic by Level 5
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Resolved! Problem with disk space Enterprise Vault 10.0

I have installed the Enterprise Vault 10.0 with Lotus Domino 8.5 server installed on a windows server 2008 R2 with a 2 TB disk. I have 10% free and can not increase the size of the disk is configured as MBR because it limits in 2 TB. I have over 3 TB...

Resolved! Event ID 40980 (Enterprise Vault FSA)

Hi everyone, Some of the folders we activated for archiving are not processed. We found this error message in Event Log: ============= Event ID : 40980  - Source : Enterprise Vault - Task Category : File System Archiving Task "The folder attributes f...

LBI by Level 4
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Resolved! EV 2007 7.5 SP3 and Exchange 2007 Shared Mailbox Conundrum

Dear Experts and Gurus, I already have the settings described in article Tech128017 in place. TECH128017  I have a small group of users with 'full access' to a Exchange 2007 SP3 shared mailbox, who are encountering troubles, when attempting to open i...

Resolved! Vault Cache for Mac

Hello - does anyone know if this is still unavailable?

Resolved! Archiving Exchange Journal Mailbox

Before we recently upgraded from 7.5 to 10, we were journaling all our e-mails. We had a mailbox in our Exchange 2003 that were the journal mailbox for alle our Mailbox Stores. We did not utilize EV's Journal feature (no license for that) but simply ...

Resolved! Sizing Recommendations for Enterprise Vault 9

I'm looking for some ballpark figures for sizing on EV 9 mail archiving. I have a client with around 3800 comprising of two main sites  - site A will have approx. 1800 users, site B about 1200 users and the balance of the users located in various sma...

AlanJ by Level 4
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Resolved! EV Storage expiry

We want to turn on Storage expiry and need to estimate how long it will take to delete the expired items. We have about 15 Million items to delete from 3851 users totalling 1.5TB in size. Does anyone have experience of storage expiry throughput rates...

Resolved! Does EV 9.0.4 support outlook 2013 with Windows 8 OS

Hi As per compatibility guide release on 18th jan 2013 given that outlook 2013 support by EV 10.0.3. As per enviroment, Our EV 9.0.4 is archiving the Exchnage 2010. if we deployed EV client 10.0.3 in the place of EV client 9.0.4. Will EV client 10.0....

rakesh_gupta by Level 4
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Resolved! User unable to open archived item in Outlook ?

  Hi All,   My users in the whole company suddenly reported to me that they cannot open the archived email in their Outlook 2007 using the EV 8.0 SP4 ? here's what they've got:   --------------------------- Enterprise Vault --------------------------...

Resolved! Question around FSA Services on a FS Cluster

Hi All I have a question, I have a customer that has about 20 File Servers that are clustered. Each FS Cluster in running in an Active\Active Configuration EV sees the 20 FSA Targets and there are 2 nodes in each cluster. On each Node I can see the 3...

Resolved! Question regarding Notes on FSA shortcut creation

I got a question regarding Notes on FSA shortcut creation  'within the last' on the Time and Size tab and choose 'Create shortcut later' on the Shortcut Creation tab, according to the manual if I use create shortcut later it can be that no shortcuts ...

Magnus_SE by Level 4
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Resolved! Sizing of large environment

Hi Is there any Symantec recommended approaches to sizing of large (over 20 EV servers) environments? Easy way would be to have one EV server for each mailbox server (Exchange or Domino). But I have met situation when amount of items to be archived r...

Ralfeus by Level 4
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Resolved! Problem with really old EV installation...

Hello, Im new here so please bear with me :)  We have a really really old version of enterprise vault (Version 6) installed as an archive for some of our old users.  No one knows anything about the system as it was setup years ago and the people i...

Resolved! EV Client error "Can not open this item"

Hi, I am facing an issue with EV Client in one system. when i  try to open ( double click)  an archvied mail i am getting the error that "Can not open this item"  . screen shot attached. my archive explorer , browser search are working fine. when i f...