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Resolved! Exchange 2010 archive mailbox

Is it possible to archive from an exchange 2010 archive mailbox? I have found a whitepaper from 2009 about archive from Exchange 2010 that says its not possible at this point in time to archive from a secondary mailbox but i cannot find any mention o...

Resolved! Outlvbs.dll error on Terminal Server

Has anyone else see the attached error on a Terminal Server ? Current Setup is 2008 Server R2 with Office 2010 and 10.0.2 plugin. I found an MS kb relating to earlier versions of Office but copying the outlvbs.dll to the Office installation folder ha...

Paul_E by Level 5
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Resolved! archive explorer permissions

I have permissions to a few archives but cannot seem to remove them because EV is saying my permissions are 'automatically set' from the user mailbox. However the user mailbox has been deleted. how can i get around this and remove permissions from th...

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! No archived items are downloaded into Vault Cache.

Hi all, We have been running Virtual Vault / Vault Cache on EV 8.0.5 on our environment for a while now. Everything is fine for the vast majority of users. I have come across a number of people who now find though they can see Virtual Vault on synchr...

EV90SP2 - Event 13360, 8453, referring DeleteArchiveFolders

Hello all, Hopefully one of you has seen this, and resolved it... When restarting the storage server on one of the Mail Archiving servers, I get some errors in the eventlog, which make me think there is an issue with deleting empty folders from the a...

GertjanA by Moderator
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified
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Resolved! better performance on EV backups

Currently we use TSM for our nightly EV backups, a bat file kicks it off and it runs for about 8 - 9 hours, im assuming that it takes a long time because it needs to inspect all the thousands/millions of little files for changes and then back them up...

Resolved! EV - Script

I am working on a cleanup task wherein I wanted to delete around 5000 vault accounts. These are users accounts who are no more associated with the organization. How can I do this through scripting? We have enterprise vault 9.0.2

Resolved! Offline Vault access within Citrix

I currently have a situation at a client and would like someone to help me out with. Actually it is a two part query. For the forst part, to cut a very long story short, some of the storage at the client failed and as it happened, most of the archive...

AlanJ by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Secondary storage location

Hi, I want to migrate my old EV data to secondary storage location. Our data in Tier 1 disk now.(IBM Xiv) I want to migrate my old closed partitions data to cheaper and slower disks. I talked with  storage team and they say that "we couldnt connect s...

K_G by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! OWA Exchange 2010

Hi, I read a lot here, but i'm still having issu. (every thing is allright on outlook client) I have two exchange 2003 server, and two exchange 2010 (Dag, and cas server for eatch other between my 2 2010 server). I have one url for the webmail of 200...

Resolved! How to export mailbox as one big single PST export ?

Hi people, Is there any way in Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4 to do the mailbox export to just one single PST rather than segmented into multiple parts ? beceause at the moment even if I didn't check the option to limit the size of individual destination P...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault - Determine usage by users?

Dear all, Being new to EV, I'm wondering whether its possible for someone to tell me whether users are actually using EV? Is it possible to see utilisation of users recalling mail or something similar? We're going through a huge refresh and trying to...

Resolved! How to find EV archive policy thru powershell

Morning All We Recently had EV installed by our parent company. The question i have is we are trying to determine which users mailbox currently DO NOT have the archiving policy applied and if this is possible to achieve by using the Exchange powershe...

Resolved! Ev 10 Role based admin on particular Vault Store

Hi! I am wondering if I can use Role based administration tool with EV and give set of users access to particular vault Store? I have 4 vault Stores and need to give some users minimum access and only to one Vault Store and no access to users archive...

Vlad2010 by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Get out from under shared SIS parts?

This is an EV 9.0.2 environment. I have two Vault Store Groups, VSG1 and VSG2. VSG1 contains 3 (Vault1, Email, Journal) vault stores which are configured for sharing within the group. I want to delete Vault1 however due to the "share within group" se...

Resolved! Missing folders from Archive Explorer

One of my clients is having a strange problem.  Some of her folders are missing from the archive explorer.  From Outlook, we can search and find the emails she is looking for, but the folder information is missing from the search results.  We can acc...

Gogeta by Level 4
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Resolved! Should I create Index Server Group

Environment: 5,000+ exchange 2010 mailboxesEV Servers 1 EV server for Mailbox archives1 EV server for Journal archives Vault Store Group: VSGROUP (share within Group)Vault Store : VS-mailbox (for mailbox EV server) and VS-journal  (for journal E...

jdewing by Level 4
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Resolved! EV Backup questions

Hi All,   I have been struggling with backups of our EV environment for the past few months, and thought I would turn to the community for a bit of advice. We currently run EV10.1 and NetBackup backing up with the 'Enterprise-Vault' policy ty...

Nate_D1 by Level 6
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