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Resolved! Missing folders from Archive Explorer

One of my clients is having a strange problem.  Some of her folders are missing from the archive explorer.  From Outlook, we can search and find the emails she is looking for, but the folder information is missing from the search results.  We can acc...

Gogeta by Level 4
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Resolved! Should I create Index Server Group

Environment: 5,000+ exchange 2010 mailboxesEV Servers 1 EV server for Mailbox archives1 EV server for Journal archives Vault Store Group: VSGROUP (share within Group)Vault Store : VS-mailbox (for mailbox EV server) and VS-journal  (for journal E...

jdewing by Level 4
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Resolved! EV Backup questions

Hi All,   I have been struggling with backups of our EV environment for the past few months, and thought I would turn to the community for a bit of advice. We currently run EV10.1 and NetBackup backing up with the 'Enterprise-Vault' policy ty...

Nate_D1 by Level 6
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Resolved! archive bit not clearing from specific items...

Hi EV system, with ignorearchivebittrigger.txt set, every morning after snap of the storage we replace the ignorearchivebittrigger.old with a fresh new txt file. awaiting backup resets to 0 and all is good. starting a week ago - I'm stuck with 60,050...

Resolved! Enterprise vault 9.02 for exchange2010

Hi all, here my previous configuration (working fine)   Enteprise vault 9.02 on a 2003 server with an outlook 2003 client on it. An SQL 2005 for the DB. And few exchange server 2003 also. We have now to add new 2010 exchange on our architecture. I re...

Resolved! Move Archive and Retention Categories

Hi all, When running the Move Archive Wizard between two different directories (and domains) there is a "mismatch" between the categories in the source and target. E.g. Retention categories picked up by retention folders that are different between th...

FreKac2 by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Installing OWA2003 on exchange gives ado error

 Situation: Exchange 2003 on w2K3 (64 bit) Enterprise Vault 8 on w2k3 (32 bit)   About: Installation of the Vault Extensions for OWA2003.   When I installed the Vault Extensions for OWA2003 on the exchange server this error came up when trying to con...

Resolved! Archived emails outside LAN

Good afternoon, I think I have tried everything but just cannot seem to get a break with this problem of getting Outlook and archived emails to work outside of my LAN. I have two problems that I think may just be the same issue. I have Outlook workin...

Resolved! Outlookanywhere Error (COM) synchronizing: 0xFFFFFFFF

Hi, local and external adresses are like below.  vault1.akr.local(  --> vault sever local adress mail1.akr.local (> exchange local adress --> vault external adress --> mail server external adres...

bilalaker by Level 3
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Resolved! Documents and Settings restriction for Win7 in PST Policy?

In the PST Migration policy there is a checkbox to restrict searching for PST files to the "Documents and Settings" folder. On Windows7 workstations how does this work? Does it also look in \users\documents or some other folder(s)? EV server 9.0.3 EV...

TonyD2 by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 9.0 Upgrade to 10.0

We are currently runnning EV 9.0 (unpatched) and wanting to upgrade/migrate to 10.0. I am looking for links good information on making that upgrade.

Resolved! Mailbox not listed as "Available" to archive

I have a user that is not seeing the Vault cache in her outlook client. Her toolbar is not showing either. This lead me to the conclusion that her mailbox was not enabled for archiving. I went to the "Enable Vaults for archiving" icon on the top of t...

Resolved! EV8 reporting

hello, can anyone recommend any way of getting automated reports from ev8? is there a 3rd party tool out there or any scripts to get the info. ie. nightly archiving, etc.... thanks